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I have made a cake like the one posted by Goreti, it was really east to do. If you need a bigger cake I would try: It looks hard because of the wine bottle, flowers and extra decore but the cake itself is very easy to make. It is basically a rectangle cake with rounded edges. I was suprised how easy it was to make this cake.
I once traveled 7 hours with a cake in my trunk for a friend's wedding. I just brought with me my usual supports and set up the cake onsite. I would recommed a repair kit with extra icing, piping bags, tips and spatulas. Traveling with a chilled cake is easier so try and refrigerate the cake the night before delivery.
 Same here. Wilton classes got the ball rolling, but practice and online research is what really helped me improve my skills.
Price should be determined upfront. Before anything is bought and a lot of time is spent on design. No one buys anything without knowing the cost. Your business should be the same - even if your customers are family.
Make sure she signs something stating you are not held responsible for the cake once it leaves your possession. She will be traveling with a cake for a week. That is a disaster waiting to happen!!
I use Sharon's Sugar Shack recipe. You can find it on CC in the recipe section. It is exactly what you just described you wanted.
Can you post the recipe and baking temp. I bake all my cakes at 325 degress because sometimes at 350 degrees the outside areas would bake so much faster than the middle area and the middle would sink. It also seemed to me that if I did the touch test to see if the cake was done and the center was still really soft - the cakes I touched would sink. And I would barely touch the cakes, it wasn't like I was mashing them to see if they were done.
Same here. Now, I have air conditioning in my house and in the summer it is set at 72 degrees. I also keep butter out for bread for days in my butterdish. I would be more concerned about ganache than butter.Cream cheese is another story. I am sticklier for keeping it refrigerated. All my cakes with cream cheese filling stay in the fridge until the last second possible.Now, I refrigerate all my cakes. I like chilled cakes for delivery purposes because they are more...
I use WASC all the time with the new smaller oz boxes and I don't change any of the ingredient ratio. This is what I do: 1 cake mix box 1 box small instant pudding or jello 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup sugar 1 cup milk 1 cup sour cream 1/4 cup oil 4 eggs Bake at 325 degrees until firm but still soft to the touch. The cake mix and pudding/jello are matching flavors. For a chocolate cake mix I use chocolate pudding. For a lemon cake mix I use lemon pudding. For a...
I have always hammered 2 offset wooden dowels through any cake 3 tiers or larger. For 2 tier cakes I only use 1 wooden dowel. False security or real - I have never lost a cake so I am sticking with what I do. One time I forgot to hammer my center dowels into a 3 tier cake. When I opened my trunk at the venue the top 6" tier had shifed to the edge of the 8" tier below it. I pushed it back in place and all was perfect but after that I never forgot to dowel. There are...
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