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When she talked about "the kids" liking it, I think "it" was the topper, not the cake.
Several months ago I received a phone call from a woman that wanted to order a wedding cake for your daughter's wedding. She was very annoyed with her daughter because she (the mom) was put in charge of the cake and decided to make it a star wars theme. The daughter found out and said "no way". So, she was now going to match the theme of the wedding which was fall (fall leaves, pumpkins...). Didn't want a tasting, never met her or daughter. Everything was arranged...
On of the first questions I ask is how many guests they are expecting. If they say a number that is 70 or more I will do a consultation (only if they ask, I never offer). If they say 69 or less and ask for a consultation I tell them I do not hold consultations for events that small. No one has ever gotten bent out of shape with me. I think they want to see if I allow it and if not, oh well, the grocery store bakery wouldn't do it either so it is not like they are...
Google Places is great. People can also leave reviews for your business there.
I am also a liscened home bakery. I offer complimentary consultations for anyone ordering a cake with more than 70 servings. Why would I care what the cake is for? I charge the same amount per serving no matter the occasion.I hold the consultations in my dinning room. I book about 95% of the clients I have consulations with.
I am listed on every free wedding website there is. I pay for the Knot (only advertising I pay for), and for me it has worked really well. I have 10 weddings booked for next year and 7 are from the Knot. I am going to bite the bullet (because my husband is making me) and do the large bridal show in my area this January. The show averages 900 brides each year.
I don't understand why you won't charge (unless of course because it is illegal where you live). I offer family and friends a 10% discount. I don't advertise it because just because I know you doesn't mean you are a friend - so don't expect a discount right away. I always make sure they know the discount. "Your cake is $100 but with the family and friends discount you only owe $90". Then when their friend or neighbor asks what they paid (assuming they are smart) they...
DO NOT HOLD THE CAKE WHILE TRAVELING. Put the cake on a flat surface with a non skid mat under it. The trunk is way better than carrying it. I have a Suzuki Aerio (very tiny car) and deliver all my wedding cakes stacked. They travel in my trunk just fine. If you hold it, it will very like collapse.
What type of fondant do you use? I am wondering because some get harder than others.If you keep the cake in a box you should be fine. I would not suggest making the box air tight because then the fondant will get soggy.
When the bride says "I want a plain buttcream/fondant cake with a ribbon around the bottom of each tier". I have so many pictures of cakes that look like that. People are going to start thinking that is all I can do.
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