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When I email or talk to the bride I say "Consultations are limited to 3 people total. Let me know at least 24hrs in advance how many people will be coming so I put out enough cake for everyone." Up until last week no one had pushed the issue. This past Tuesday a bride really wanted to bring her FH and parents. I told her that is fine but I only provide enough cake for 3 so some will have share. It worked out because I have plenty of room (and they booked, and it is a...
I have had several brides this week tell me their colors are dark grey and yellow. This could be an interesting year.
I am almost completely booked from April through September. And the color purple has finally hit my area. Every bride is having a dark purple ribbon around the cake.
I also use bubble tea straws and a center dowel (acutally, 2 offset center dowels) and never had a problem before.
I don't add any extra red coloring. Since I start with a red velvet cake mix, the cake is already red.
I use Fondarific brand Buttercream flavor fondant. It is pricey but worth it.
The cake mix I start with is Red Velvet. So yes, it technically is a Red Velvet cake.I know there is a hint of chocolate cocoa in the cake, but when made from scratch there is a lot a cocoa and that is where the mostly chocolate taste comes from.On this site WASC is the universal term for any flavor made using those directions and quantities of ingredients. Doesn't mean the cake is Almond flavored.
According to Toba's website a 3" cookie starts at $15/cookie. I was shocked when she said the cookies are finished long before delivery. This is the example she used:"When I was a child my mother would give me and my siblings a small piece of cake when we got home from school if we were good in school that day. The cake was kept in a glass dome display case on top of the pantry. The cake was enough to feed us kids for a week but sometimes because we were not behaved...
I tell the client to base the # of mini cupcakes needed off how many different flavors they order.For example, say it is for a wedding with 100 guests attending. If all the mini cupcakes are chocolate then 2-3/person is enough. If the client is ordering 4 different flavors then I recommend 3-4/person. When people see tiny desserts, especially several different types, they want to try them all. The thought is, "they are only a bite, so 4 cupcakes is like having a...
Red Velvet cake is my favorite cake. I use WASC recipe for it and use white chocolate pudding for the pudding part. I have never understood why people think the cake tastes like "chocolate cake but red".
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