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If you want, you can just use Peanut Butter straight out of the jar. I usually add equal parts of Peanut Butter and buttercream to make my Peanut Butter filling. It is creamier this way.
I don't see why this cake recipe is different than any other. Why do you think it has to be refrigerated? As for the cream cheese icing, you will get several posts that state you can't leave cream cheese out for more than 2 hours and others that state you can leave it out over night. I would do what you feel comforable with. There are also about 1000 threads about putting fondant covered cakes in the refrigerator. Once again, half say yes and half say no. I use...
Both. If the cake I am working on is 6", 8" and 10" I glue two cardboard cake boards togeter for the 6" and 8". For the 10" I glue one cardboard cake board to the cake drum I am using as the main base. I never glue more than 1 cardboard cake board to the cake drum for the bottom tier. There is no point in that.
I don't see how it could work. People don't understand the fragil nature of cakes, how to handle them, transport them... I highly doubt the cake would make it to the shower in the same condition you sent it. Any reason you can't drive it there? I know you said it is 4 hours away, that isn't too bad if you could make a weekend out of it. Spend sometime with your friend.
Does the venue have a covered area to park? It may mean you have to carry the cake farther than if you parked by the back door or kitchen door, but it would be dry. You could put the cake in a box (or boxes if not already stacked) covered with plastic wrap to keep any rain out.A really big umbrella held by someone else walking next to you.
Foamcore is sold at craft stores. Make sure your icing has enough fat:sugar ratio. The more fat (shortening) the less cracking. Sharon explains this in her buttercream video (from Sugar Shack).
For cakes 10" and smaller I hot glue 2 cardboard cake boards together. For any size larger than 10" I hot glue 3 boards together. Since I have started doing that and using Sugar Shack's buttercream icing (hi-ratio sweetx shortening) my icing never cracks. I tried foam core before and hated it. Cutting it was a pain in the butt.
I mail a hand written thank you note to all my brides. Something like this:Name of Bride and Groom,Thank you for choosing ________ to provide your wedding cake. It was a pleasure working with you both.P.S. (something personal: center pieces were beautiful, hope they got the power outage fixed in time for the reception...)Since I started doing this, almost all of the brides have either emailed me or sent their own thank you card back. I then email them that if they post...
I can't lift a 16" by myself. I would either stack the 10" and 6" together and then plop those on the 16" once at the site or just wait and stack them all at the site.
I do a lot of cupcakes weddings that have a 6" cake used as the "cutting cake" or anniversary cake. I charge them my normal prices because the cake is always decorated to match the cupcakes. No one is going to buy a plain cake to sit on top of the cupcake stand. That would look stupid. Now, if she wants a plain cake boxed and put in the back (not decorated, strickly for anniversary purposes only) then I would throw it in (assuming my usual practice was to offer a free...
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