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If the order is due Saturday, I bake on Thursday or Friday. I can bake 72 cupcakes at a time (I have a true convection oven at my house). I buy plastic containers called "clam shells" that hold 1 dozen cupcakes each. I take the cupcakes out of the over and put them in the clam shells and close the lid. Once they have cooled completely I open the lids and ice the cupcakes right in the clam shells. The clam shells keep the cupcakes really moist for several days. The...
120 servings x $3.50 (my price for fondant covered cake) = $420 + $100 for all the decorations = $520 + delivery
I bake and freeze all my cakes. I bake the cakes, let them cool about 30-40 minutes in the pan (some say this causes the cakes to stick to the pan but I have never had a problem), then triple wrap them with saran wrap (I buy it by the 4500 square foot roll at Sam's Club) and pop them in the freezer. I have found that wrapping a cake before it is cool enough will cause the cake to warp from the pressure of just wrapping the plastic wrap on it. Don't stack the frozen cakes...
FondarificI buy the buttercream flavor one.
I have used the flower nail as a heating core but hated it. I don't think it did anything. I bake at 325 degrees and my cakes are level every time. I have used the heating strips (Wilton, bought at Michael's) and they seemed to work fine. I quit using them though when I started lowering the temp from 350 to 325 because the cakes were level without them.
I take my dusting tool (unused panty hose with cornstarch in it) and dust the top of the tier before putting the next tier on top of it. I haven't had any problems with sticking.
Wilton was the only brand sold everywhere for a long time. So most people that have tried fondant ate Wilton's fondant. Now they assume they hate fondant. I hear it all the time at consultations "I want buttercream because fondant tastes bad". I always have a piece of the fondant I use for the couple to taste and they are always shocked that it tastes like buttercream. Yes, the texture is chewy but if rolled really thin I don't notice it on a bite of cake.
I had a similar conversation with a bride yesterday. I met with a couple the first week of April for their July 1, 2011 wedding. The couple wanted cupcakes because in my area cupcakes are usually a little cheaper than cake and there is no cutting fee from the venue. Bride proceeds to tell me that her future MIL is loaded but refuses to pay anything for the wedding so they are on a tight budget. I kept my mouth shut because to me, I don't think the parents of the bride...
1. A little over 4 years.2. 1 - 2 wedding cakes/weekend...4 - 8 wedding cakes/month.3. Too many to list.4. Sugar Shack buttercream.5. Agbay6. Fondarific7. Cornstarch8. If the filling needs refrigeration, then yes. I always refrigerate my buttercream cakes though.9. Bubble Tea Straws and 2 dowels offset through the entire cake.10. I can fit a stacked 3 tier cake in the trunk of my car. If the cake is more than 3 tiers, the rest of the tiers are stacked on site.
Did you have her sign a waiver when the cake was picked up stating "once the cake is picked up it is no longer my responsibility"? Did you take pictures of the cake before pick up?If you said "yes" to any of the above questions then I would not refund the money. Especially if she never sends you pictures of the cake falling apart; how do you know she is even telling the truth?
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