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I made a dessert table for a good friend's baby shower. There was cake, mini cupcakes, rice crispy treats, sugar cookies and chocolate sugar cookies. I purchased candy, little plastic bags and stickers to close the bags for the guests to fill and take home. Candy included chocolate malt balls, jelly bellys (2 different flavors) and watermellow salt water taffy. I had a ton of candy left over but the desserts were gone in a matter of seconds. I estimated 3 desserts per...
I don't send surveys out but I do send a hand written thank you note to all my brides and clients of large orders. Since I have started doing this most have emailed me about the cake (so far all good things). This gives me an open to ask for an online review and I add a link to a website for them. About half leave a review.
I will check when I go home tonight. I am not sure what the model number is.
I refrigerate all my cakes, especially buttercream ones because I like working on them while the icing is hard. I don't think you should worry about it.
Google "wedding websites", "wedding planning"...most of these websites allow vendors to have a free listing. Wedding Wire offers one of the best free listings you can get. I pay $65/month for a listing on the knot. It has worked out great for me; especially since they now allow reviews to be left by brides. Get a website and have it done by a pro if you don't know exactly how to do it. Google page is great for my business (and free). Give everyone you meet a business...
When I have extra batter I bake a cake and cut it into large bit size pieces. The pieces are put in a zip lock baggie and then in a large freezer baggie. I pull the cake pieces out 30 minutes before the consultation. I do not let the bride pick the cake flavors/fillings - she gets what I have in my freezer. I get little plastic cups (jello shot cups) and put a piece of cake in each one. There is a piece of cake for each person coming (up to 3 people are allowed to...
Why don't you pour the melted candy onto the cakes? Pretend they are large cake pops cut in half. Do you have any paramount crystals? I use those in my chocolate to help get a smooth finish when making cake pops.
I bake from my house under a cottage law also. My oven was $1400 including the fee to have the delivery guy install it. Even if I didn't bake another cake I would want this oven for home use. I can pick if I want convection bake or not (I also have a setting for convection roast that makes amazing crisp skinned turkey).
Homemadeupgrade:You need to get a true convection oven. I bought one several months ago and it has saved me so much baking time!
I always use a cake drum on the bottom. The principle is the same if you were using foam core too. Or several cardboards glue together for added support. I personally hate SPS. I have used it several times but I never liked it. For me, bubble tea straws and 2 wooden dowels works great.
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