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I puchased my Magic Line pans from
In Akron, Ohio there is a restaurant named Crave and it is so good. Before you finalize the logo and name try to get the name registered. You would be surprized how many names are already taken.
I use Magic Line pans. I think they work great.
The small Wilton level is not terrible when using it on small cakes. But the large level is complete crap. I have an Agbay with the double blade and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.
SPS stands for Single Plate Separator. It is similar to the Wilton plastic plate and rod support but better.I just use bubble tea straws. Sturdy and really, really inexpensive.
I take the total (including price, tax, shipping...) and add 10 - 20% to that and that is what I charge the bride. If there are a lot of flowers to put on the cake (which means more of my time) the mark up is 20%, otherwise just 10%.Remember to always buy a few more than you need incase something breaks. I charge the client for these extras even if I don't use them on their cake.
Gumpaste flowers last forever.
You can get a rough idea of what to charge by pricing the same type of gumpaste flower online. A lot of cake decorating sites sell premade gumpaste flowers. I buy most of mine and just upcharge about 10% to the client.
I was supplying a bride with the wedding cake and groom's cake for her wedding. That week my husband had to go to the hospital for meningitis so my schedule was thrown off for cakes. The wedding cake came out fine, but the 6" groom's cake was causing me all sorts of fits. I tried to get a hold of the bride to explain the situation but she never got back to me. So I delivered the wedding cake with no groom's cake and immediately sent a refund check in the mail.This is...
Does the bride need the servings from the 10" cake for her guests? If so, then the tier saved will be a different one. If not, then sure, she can keep it.I try to have all my top tiers be 6". I think that looks the best and if the bride and groom want to keep it the box doesn't take up 1/2 the freezer space. Plus, when paying by the slice, a 6" anniversay cake costs my bride $36 - a 10" would cost them over $100.I provide a box and directions I printed off the...
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