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If the cake has a fruit filling I still put a dam of buttercream to prevent any bleeding.I always use white chocolate ganache because in my opinion it is like buttercream and doesn't add a lot of flavor or mess with the flavor of cake and filling.My fondant has never cracked.There was a thread going about ganache that included 3 vidoes from a woman in australia about chocolate and what chocolate ganache. I found them extremely helpful. I will look for that thread now.
Fondarific in the buttercream flavor.
If you are just now having problems with sagging fondant, and you haven't changed a thing, then the heat is your most likely reason. Have you ever tried using ganache instead of buttercream under your fondant. That is what I use and have yet to have a probem with sagging. I also refrigerate all my cakes, including fondant ones. I use Fondarific brand without any problems with refrigeration.
Is there a deadline included in the contract when no changes can be made from that point forward? My contract states "no changes after final payment" which is 30 days before the wedding. If your contract has anything similar I would point to that and tell her she needed to add this to the order before the cut off point. If your contract doesn't have any deadlines and you never verbally gave her one, then I think you should make the topper. But send her a second invoice...
I use SugarShack recipe also. I order my high ratio shortening from my local GFS. They get it in the next day, I don't pay shipping and I can order it all year (not just when it isn't hot out).
Most wedding websites allow vendors a free listing. Sign up for everyone of them. Google pages (also free) has been great for me. I pay for a listing on the knot. It has brought me a lot of business. Have a website, not just a facebook page. I do not have a facebook page so any business that only has their info on facebook will not be found by me (I hate social networking, if someone is my friend I have their phone number and if I want to know what they are doing i...
I agree with this statement. I like all the flavors except cream cheese (well, and blueberry and cherry but that is because I hate all things blueberry and cherry). The cream cheese filling sleeve does NOT taste like cream cheese filling to me. I made my own cream cheese filling but almost all other fillings I use the sleeves.
There is a cupcake shoppe by me that is very successful. The store recently expanded by opening 2 more stores in the surrounding area. But they are not just a cupcake shoppe, they are a well branded company. A large money maker for them is the icing jars (mason jars filled with their icing) and tiny boxes of cake mix they sell. People from all over the U.S. order from them because they have heard that the "brand" is what you most have to make cupcakes. Someone I know...
I think you can get gas convection too, but I am not totally sure. I don't like cooking on a gas stove top. I am not comfortable. I keep thinking I am going to catch a towel or my sleeve on fire. So when I was shopping around I was only considering electric oven/stove tops.
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