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During the meeting tomorrow be honest about why you are quitting. Don't bash anyone, be professional, but don't minimize the situation either. The next person that is hired in will have the same problems you expererinced. Plus, if the owner understands what is happening, maybe the manager will be fired and you can continue at the job you love.
Do you have to cover the cake in fondant? Can you ice the cake in buttercream instead?
That is what my first post was mainly about...pesticides.
I just purchased a convection oven for my house kitchen. It is not a double oven, but a regular slide in stove top/oven. The main thing is to buy a "true convenction". Just having a fan won't help. My convection oven has 3 heating elements - top, bottom and one behind the fan. That way the fan is blowing in air the same temp at the oven interior which gives extremely even baking. I bake every week with all three racks full of pans with no problems.
I told the bride I will have nothing to do with the floral arrangement since she is picking a toxic flower. It is up to her/family/florist to put the flowers on the cake.
Almost all my wedding cakes have fresh flowers on them, and they touch the cake. The florist supplies the flowers - I tell the bride to make sure the flowers are non toxic. Pesticide free flowers, especially for a wedding, are impossible to find here (I would think most places are the same). If the flowers are not sprayed, then they have to be grown indoors/green house to limit their exposure to bugs. The flowers will be eaten to nubs if left outside with no spray. No...
I never said it tasted like chocolate to me. I said it didn't taste like vanilla. Personally, I hate white chocolate. The taste makes me sick to my stomach. In red velvet cake is the only food that contains white chocolate that I eat.
I don't think the white chocolate adds a vanilla taste at all.
I would suggest baking now what you can fit in the freezer to get some of the baking out of the way. If you don't have room in your freezer I would wait to bake the cakes until Wednesday. I stack what I can lift at home and assembly the rest on site. I put 2 dowels offset from the center through the entire cake. No matter what, it never moves. Some people swear by SPS (single plate separator - can be purchased from global sugar art). I have used it, it is okay, but I...
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