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I always use a buttercream dam. Doesn't matter if that is the only place on the cake buttercream is used. Sofiedolan, As long as your cake has completely settled (I let my filled cakes settle overnight) the dam shouldn't ooze or bulge on the cake. During the settling process this will happen, but not after.
Instead of corn starch have you tried powdered sugar?
Carrot and white chocolate is very similar to carrot and buttercream - anyway... I hate ginger so ginger buttecream would not be the option I pick. But if you have more than one option for guests then it would be fine.
I have kept cupcakes in the clamshells for personal consumption for 5 days and they were just as good as the first day. I would NOT ice the cupcakes at the venue. Icing is messy and you will be dressed up. Plus if you run out of something - oh well - you don't have a mixer there to whip up more.
For cupcakes I do all the baking, filling, icing and decorating the day before. Depending on the number of cupcakes it turns into an all nighter but I like having the cupcakes made close to when they will be eaten. They are a completely different animal than cakes. Cupcakes take longer to ice and decorate than you would think, so I wouldn't wait till the morning of to do that portion. You will be scrambling to get the cupcakes and yourself ready. I transport my...
When I think fall I think pumpkin, caramel, apple and cinnamon. What about a pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling caramel cake with apple turnover filling yellow cake with cinnamon and brown sugar swirled in it with white ganache filling
I would suggest putting up a calendar on your website showing weekends you are available / already booked. Now, "booked" doesn't have to mean a cake - it just means you schedule is already filled. Then put up a calendar in your house (which you probably already have) and mark with weekends you will take orders and which ones you won't take orders. You can do this a year in advance. That way you know far in advance what weekends to plan parties, date nights, pizza...
I have stopped asking my husband "what color is this fondant to you" when trying to color match. I use to see if what I thought was a match for Tiffany Blue (or any color) was what he thought Tiffany Blue should be. Well, in the Tiffany Blue example he didn't pick Tiffany Blue because he had never heard of it. My point is one person's blue is another person's green. Until you see a picture of the cake I wouldn't assume something changed or went wrong.
I haven't had any issues with the cakes settling in the fridge. I do understand what you mean, but by the time the cake is chilled through and through it has been in the fridge for several hours setting.
If you do a search in the forums with the keywork pricing - thousands of threads will pop up. Probably all the info you need can be found there.
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