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 Yes, you would add more powdered sugar to your icing to make it stiffer.
You might want to look into purchasing Sharon Sugar Shack's buttercream icing and stacking video. She walks you through the whole process. I have it and it has been so helpful. A dam is a stiff buttercream that is piped all along the edge of the cake. That holds in the filling. Also, I like to let my filled cakes settle overnight wrapped in saran wrap in my fridge. That helps get any air out that is trapped between the cake/filling layers that can cause icing...
When I fill a cake I pipe a thick dam from buttercream, fill the cake and let the cake settle over night in my fridge (I wrap the cake with saran wrap). Also, instead of icing the cake with buttercream I use white chocolate ganache on all my fondant covered cakes. The ganache holds up to the weight of fondant really well. Try and roll the fondant very thin. I like mine to be 1/16" thick. I can almost see though it when rolled that thin.
If the icing was too stiff there is a chance the rosettes could fall off. Was there a crumb coat on the cake before you iced the rosettes? The crumb coat helps give the rosette icing something to cling too. I operate from a licensed home in Ohio. I have 2 refrigerators. The main one in my kitchen and 1 in my basement. The one in the basement is just for cakes. But I had it before I started making cakes. I know a lot of people that have 2 refrigerators. My partents...
I have in my contract that I am the only person that can put real flowers in the cake. That way if an "oops' is made I can fix it with my repair kit. That being said, I do it all the time. I insert a staw into the cake then put the flower in the straw. That way the flower is not in contact with the cake and there is next to no cake displaced by the straw. Just cut the straws to about 1.5" - 2" in length and get started. There are two parts in your post that makes me...
I forgot all about this thread. I started it 5 years ago. I now use bubble tea straws for all my cakes. No matter the size, icing, distance for delivery... They would great!
I let my cakes settle overnight in the fridge. I wrap them with saran wrap. I would consider it a tight wrap. I pull out the plastic wrap, drap it over the cake and then press it against the cake. It isn't so tight that air can't get out. I don't think saran wrap will get that tight on a cake.
This happens to be when the cupcakes are under cooked. Even if my a minute or two. I don't pull them out of oven they pass the touch text. You need to test the cupcakes in the middle of the pan too. Those take a little longer to bake. You want the cupcakes firm but soft to the touch. Just like cake.
I know you don't have a website yet, but once you do I would recommend listing starting prices on it. That helps weed people out with a budget lower than your starting price.
I did a Mario Kart cake for a woman last week. If I remember I can upload a pic when I get home tonight. The cake was a Mario Kart theme. But Mario himself was a toy the client purchased. That is the easiest way to do character themed cakes. I have contacted a couple sports teams to get premission to use their logo/mascot and every one has given it to me. So it is possible.
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