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I don't bother factoring in the pieces affected by the dowels because I always round down to the closest number divisible by 10. So if a cake serves (without any pieces affected by dowels) 75 then I tell a customer it serves 70, price the cake at 70 servings and call it close enough. Am I technically giving away 5 pieces of cake - yes and no. Yes, because the cake I bake, ice and decorate a cake that serves 75. But no, because I loose 5 pieces due to dowels. In the end...
Why don't you just fold a piece of duct tape or packing tape over so it is sticky on both sides and tape the dummy to the turn table?
 Once a cake is filled I put a layer of Saran Wrap over it so it doesn't dry out and let the cake just sit there for 8 - 12 hours. This allows any air bubbles, decompressing of icing and work its way out. So when the cake is iced all the icing / filling / dam stays just where it should.
There is no way to tell what kind of buttercream she used. But any kind of buttercream will have that same look if you ice it with a rounded curve at the top. It looks like the cake was iced with white icing and then the cake was airbrushed. The color doesn't seem to be evenly done - like it would be if the icing itself was colored.
I put my cakes in the fridge because a lot of them have fillings that require this.
The best way to figure out pricing is to figure out your expenses. There are hundreds of threads on this site about pricing. Everyone does it a little different, but knowing you cost is essential when pricing cakes.
You have to have something between the cake and fondant for two reasons: 1. The fondant takes the shape of what is under it. So all the lumps and bumps on the cake will show. 2. The fondant needs something to "stick" too and cake isn't going to work. I ice my fondant covered cakes with white chocolate ganache, but buttercream will work too. After I fill my cakes I let them settle overnight in the fridge. Then I ice and cover the next day. I don't put anything on top...
The cakes look like they were airbrushed green and blue. It doesn't look like the icing was colored before applied to the cake.
Since your friend replied that she isn't using fondant, then my guess would be buttercream. Looks like she just rounded the edges. You can do that with viva paper towels.
When making your template remember that pi is equally divisible by all diameters. So you can make I template to use all tiers no matter the size and the swags will line up around the cake perfectly.
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