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 I know this post is over a month old, but I had to comment on the above post.I delivered hundereds of cakes - most of them wedding cakes - in the trunk of my tiny Suzuki car. I just put the back seats down so the air conditioner blasted cold air into the trunk. I also chilled all my cakes overnight before delivery so they were cool when I put them in the trunk.I have yet to lose a cake.
Next time you might want to try ganache under the fondant instead of buttercream. Ganache works so much better under the weight of fondant.
I had "mini cakes" at my wedding. I put mini in " " because the baker made them 4" x 4" x 4" square cakes! Anyway... now that I decorate cakes, I cannot imagine how much work that must have been for her. I have had a couple brides ask me for a quote on mini cakes. I always quote high enough they won't book with me
For dowels, I use plastic bubble tea straws. They work really well even on large cakes.
I use white chocolate ganache as the icing on all my fondant covered cakes. The great part about white chocolate is the lack of color. So if you have to rip the fondant off a tier (and you will have to at some point) the fondant doesn't have a dark chocolate color on the underside. So when you wad it up to roll back out, the color of the fondant is not affected.
The brand of fondant you use can make a huge difference in the final results. I use white chocolate ganache under my fondant. For me, it is so much easier to cover a cake iced in ganache than white chocolate.
I use bubble tea straws for all my cakes. Measure the length required for each tier and make sure all the straws in the same tier are the exact same length. I use 2 less straws then the diameter of the cake I am supporting. So, if I am placing the straws in a 12" cake to support a 10" cake I use 8 straws. In a 10" cake that will have an 8" cake resting on it, I use 6 straws...
 I bake in 2 inch pans. I cut the cake in half lengthwise to get the 4 layers. That also allows me to see in the middle of the cake so I know for sure how moist a cake is and that nothing is amiss.I have an Agbay cake leveler. Best investment ever.
As long as the ropes are not very heavy the buttercream will hold the fondant. "Glue" the fondant on with some water.
I have the double bladed one, so I can level the cake (but to be honest I next to never have to level a cake) and cut throught the middle of the tier for filling purposes at the same time. I love it!
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