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 I don't like the idea of freezing a cake for 6 months. Also, those cakes will take up a ton of freezer space. I wouldn't want to lose that much freezer space for 6 months.
I would put the pieces on at home and take a couple extra with me to the venue.
I measure the height of the cake tier in the middle of the tier, then I cut all my dowels to that height. Now, if you are not able to get your cake tiers level when iced, then get eye level with the top the tier. Find the highest point and measure there. That should be the height all dowels are cut to. If you base the length off the shorest dowel (or lowest point on the iced tier) the tier on top will sink a little into the tier below causing a bulge to form.
I would charge $190
I refrigerate all my cakes-even those covered in fondant. I stack all my cakes at home. It makes delivery quick and easy. I do bring a repair kit with me just in case something happens. As long as you support the cake tiers properly, weight of the tiers won't matter.
I put 2 offset dowels through all my tiered cakes.
Are you letting your cakes settle? Once filled, I let all my cakes settle over night.
I make cream cheese filled cakes for weddings all the time. I base the decision off how long the cake will be out of the fridge, and if the venue is indoor or outdoor. I won't fill a cake with cream cheese if it will sit outside.Is the cake being served right after dinner or at the end of the night?I recommend watching a lot of you tube videos about stacking cakes. I purchased Sharon's Sugar Shack DVD on stacking. After trying several methods I like hers the best so that...
I ordered Sharon's Sugar Shack DVD on buttercream. The information is great. She walks you through the process, ingredients, fixes... I use her recipe on all my cakes. I love how easy it is to make and ice with, and all my brides love the taste.
I have cakes on pedestal stands all the time. I never glue the cake down. Here are a couple cakes I have done on that style...
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