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Thanks for the reply. I am not on Facebook, so no problem there. I know I can change my name on The knot and Wedding Wire. I should have been more specific about the Best Of award. I have plaques I use during consultations and bridal shows to showcase these. Those would have my old business name.
Everything was fine until I tried to select a photo on the gallery page. When I select a photo I get the same error as redneck ruffle. I am using safari on iPad.
Does this lunch box contain sweets? If not, I wouldn't go with #1.
When I started my business (legal home bakery) I didn't give much thought to the name. In hindsight, that was a bad idea. So 7 years after starting the business I am doing some updates: new website, custom logo design... I figured if I was going to change the name, now is the time. The pro's are: I get a name I really like The new name does not lock me into only cakes (my old name does) Con's: I have to track down all the places my old name and email is located online I...
A crumb coat on an 8" tier would be so little, about 1/3 cup of icing. The 4 cups listed would be plenty of icing including crumb coat.
I tell clients changes can be made up until 30 days before the order. At that point everything is locked down. No changes are allowed at that point. If an order is placed with less than 30 days notice I tell the client right then and there to make up their mind because no changes are allowed. Put your foot down.
Once you find out the rules and regulations for your area you then need a website. 99.9% of my orders are for people I do not know. Everyone uses the internet to find businesses so a web presence is a must. Business cards are needed too. Leave a couple cards with every consultation, delivery (unless a wedding, I think it is tacky to have cards at a wedding), people at the store that ask why you are buying 10 dozen eggs and 70 lbs of powered sugar...
Your cost is what should drive the price you charge. Using numbers I grab out of the air... Each batch will ice cakes with 100 servings American Buttercream costs you = $10/batch (or $0.10/serving) Swiss/Italian Meringue Buttercream costs you = $15/batch (or $0.15/serving) So right off the bat you could add the difference of $0.05/serving to all Swiss/Italian iced cakes. Now, if those icings take longer to make (meaning more of your time is used) than American...
You might want to try icing the cake with white chocolate ganache instead of buttercream. Ganache holds up to the weight of fondant really well. As dkltll mentioned, roll the fondant really thin. I try to get mine about 1/16" thick.
I bring the picture in to my local grocery store (Giant Eagle) for them to print. As long as the picture is not a copy right image they will do it for you.
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