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For weddings I have a 30 day cut off. For smaller orders I have a 2 week cut off time frame. If I have to buy something online I am not going to pay rush shipping just because someone can't make up their mind. Weddings are paid in full 30 days before the event. Smaller orders require a deposit with final payment 2 weeks before due date. There are a couple customers I have that place a couple small orders with me every year. Those customers pay me when they pick up...
I too use cake boss software for my home based bakery. I love it. But, it does not keep track of inventory. That is still up to me.
You could do a "rustic" iced cake with fresh flowers cascading down it. Brings together the floral and rustic parts of your wedding. I would see if the florist has any way to bling the flowers a little. That would jazz it up a bit without being overly glitzy.
I took me a couple years of decorating before I was comfortable offering to make a cake for a friend. Then another year or so before I started taking orders from people. If you want to improve your skill, just keep practing. But if you don't have any interest in the decorating part, focus on items that don't require decorations... cookies muffins breads brownies pies
What do you ice your fondant cakes with?
I don't do either. I bake my cakes at 325 degrees. Bake flat everytime.
The cake is cute. Smooth and nice color scheme. For the board, I like to use cake drums. I buy them from Global Sugar Art. They add a professional look without any added work (like covering the board with fondant). Plus on larger size cakes, they are required to hold up to the weight of the cake. Sometimes what a customer wants just isn't doable in the cake world. Every once in a while I get a bride that asks if her wedding cake can be made from whipped icing. Nope....
Typically the free donation route does not drum up business. You need to figure out who you want to be your clients and target them. I want to do wedding cakes. Mostly because that seems to be where the $$ is (at least in my area) and I love the look of wedding cakes. I enjoy decorating them. I have several free listings on wedding websites and I pay to have a listing on The Knot. I know several people on CC have not had success on The Knot but I probably get 50% of...
I use Cake Boss software. I love it! It is easy to use and keeps track of everything for me. It is also great when tax time rolls around. I just print out my report and take it to the account. Everything is all there.
Your title asks about constructing the you meant what support should you use? I use bubble tea straws in each tier and 2 wooden dowels hammered all the way through the cake.
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