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The bottom tier on my cakes only has 1 cardboard cake board glued (hot glue gun) to the decorative cake drum. All the remaining tiers have 2 boards glued (again, hot glue gun) togeter. For small cakes I use 1 wooden dowel through the center of the cake. For larger cakes (3 tiers or more) I use 2 wooden dowels offset from the center. I use 2 because with 1 the tiers can still "spin" on the wooden axis. I had a couple of instances when while wrapping a ribbon around a...
I would make 1 face while you time yourself. Then multiply that by 200 and you will know how long it will take you. That will help ensure you won't start the process only to find out you don't have enough time to finish them all. This is going to take you hours upon hours to do.
I think if the cupcakes are stacked on top of each other the top of the cupcake with stick to the wrapper of the cupcake on top of it. When you say a fan oven, do you mean a convection oven? Is it a convenction oven or a true convection oven? I have a true convection oven at my house. That has been the best investment for the baking process. I bake on all 3 racks all the time. Each bakes even and accurate. I can bake 72 cupcakes at a time. If your oven is the same,...
Dowels are only used on tiered cakes to support the tiers resting on top of each other. Next time, instead of buttercream try white chocolate ganache. Ganache holds up really well to the weight of fondant. Try to roll your fondant as thin as possible (I roll mine to about 1/16"). Also, did you allow the cake to settle once filled? When I fill a cake I pop it in the fridge for 8-12 hours before icing - this is true for buttercream iced cakes too. Did you use a thick...
I glue 2 cardboard cake boards together for tiered cakes. Always. It helps support the cake a little more while moving, stacking, icing... For supports I love bubble tea straws. I use them from 2 tiered cakes to 5 tiered cakes. They work great! All my cakes (buttercream, fondant, ganache...) are chilled at least 8 hours prior to delivery. This just makes delivery less stressful IMO. The non calapsed pic is really cute!
A thick dam will hold in the filling and allow for a generous layer of filling in the cake. I would suggest using a very, very, very stiff buttercream dam on your next cake.
I tend to put a cake card board in the box. Then cupcakes on top of that. Makes the box sturdier.
 You can use the same quantity for the ingredients for any size box.
2 1/2 tsp
I am assuming you mean the apple pie filling from a can. Does the can read "refrigerate once opened" or something similar to that? If I were you I would call your local health or agr. department for the answer. I use those fillings all the time and do not refrigerate the dessert.
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