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I do not have a facebook account, so for me, any business that does not have a traditional website won't get my business. I have been selling cakes for 7 years now without a facebook page (I DO have a website) and not a single person said anything. I can't even recall a bride asking me if I am on facebook.
I use bubble tea straws as the support dowels for all my cakes. Doesn't matter if the cake is 2 tiers or 7 tiers. They work great, are cheap and are super easy to cut to size.
 I only use white chocolate ganache too for the same reasons.
I have a couple old t-shirts and shorts I wear when I am cake decorating. I don't care how much powdered sugar and flower I get on them. After each use they go in the hamper. I am in my own house, I wear what works best and allows free movement. Now, when a client is comingover, that is a whole 'nother story. But if it is just me and my hubby - comfort all the way.
I use cake drums on all my cakes. Even non decorated ones look professional and hold the weight of large cakes easily. If I decorate the cake drum I charge extra to cover the materials and time needed.
I ice all my fondant covered cakes with ganache. This is what I do: I ice the cake board with ganache to "glue" the cake to the board. The I fill the cake as I usually would. Once filled I cover the cake with saran wrap and refrigerate overnight. This allows the cake to settle and the cake to come really glued to the board. The next day I unwrap my cakes and trim any cake away that overhangs or is close to the edge of the cake board. The allows me to use the cake...
For my tastings I put large bite size pieces of cake in a small plastic cup (think jello shot size) with the lid on so the cakes don't dry out while waiting for the client to show. I usually have 4 or 5 different cake flavors to sample. The cups are arranged on a white square platter/plate I have with a little label in front of the cake samples with the name of the flavor. There is a piece of each flavor for each person that attends (up to 3 people). I do the same with...
You can make small peony flowers, but I still don't think the 1" ledge will be enough to support it. Just use a small center for the flower and only a couple of petal layers. This is a great tutorial:
 I forgot to mention that I have a convection, which makes a huge difference when baking. With the convection oven just baking at 325 degrees makes perfect, flat cakes every time.
What inventory do you need to keep track of? Cake boards, ingredients, fondant...? I find being very organized helps. Every Sunday I make a list of all the supplies I need that week for orders. Then I pull all the items from stock and if something is getting low I make a point of buying it the next time I at the supply store.
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