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Sharon's Sugar Shack recipe will also hold up to the heat. I use it on all my cakes. I think it was two years ago I had a 5 tier cake in June for an outside. Temp was about 90 degrees (record breaking heat that day). Everything was...
The fondat will be fine for the year it will take you to use it up. Just make sure you store it properly (cool, dry location).
I hate making my own fondant. It is so messy and time consuming. I purchase: I have used several different brands and this is my favorite. It is pricy but you can roll it so thin that you use less than other brands. So, in the end the price based of use is the same as the cheaper brands.
What size is the cake you posted? I am assuming it is an 8" round. My price breakdown: $4.50/serving for fondant/ganache cake = 24 servings x $4.5 = $108 Topper = $35 Grand total = $143 Stay off facebook for that kind of info. That would be like going to a home show and asking how much a car should cost. You need to go where people with knowledge of the field are - like cakecentral.
I quit using buttercream under fondant because it just doesn't seam to hold up to the weight of fondant. I always use white chocolate ganache. Also, roll your fondant very thin (I like mine to me 1/16" thick). And, let your cakes settle once filled overnight. That will help the roll at the bottom the tier issue.
My timeline for a Saturday wedding iced with buttercream: Wednesday - bake all cake tiers, make fillings and buttercream for dam Thursday - tort and fill all tiers Friday - make buttercream, ice, chill iced cakes for an hour or so, stack/decorate Saturday - deliver cake 2 hours before reception starts (or ceremony if at same location/room) My timeline for a Saturday wedding coved with fondant: Wednesday - bake all cake tiers, make fillings and buttercream for dam Thursday...
Since the logo is copyright, you are going to have a tough time finding anyone print one for you - even with approval from the company. I have my local grocery store bakery print my edible images for me, but they won't do anyting that is a copy right - even if I have approval. Sorry I couldn't really be of any help.
The dowels will not bend the cardboard.
You may want to participate in an upcoming bridal show. I have had excellent success with bridal shows. Do you have a website? Business cards? Both are necessary.
Personally, I don't like SPS. I use bubble tea straws for supporting each tier and wooden dowels through the cake. The wooden dowels are cut about 1.5" shorter than the height of the stacked tiers. One end of the dowel is sharpened using a pencil sharpener (a cheap plastic one from walmart used only for cakes). Then I hammer the dowels in to the cake. The dowel should go all the way into the base. With SPS each tier has to be exactly 4". My cakes tend to be more...
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