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 I know I don't need an account to view a business' facebook website. I tend to view facebook as an addition to a traditional website and not the professional way to go. IMO facebook doesn't instill trust in me that the business is more than a hobby.Now, if you want to have both - then go for it. But I won't just do facebook.
Instead of decorated dummies you could just bring several undecorated individual dummies to mix and match for the consultation and just use a professional looking porfolio or iPad display for clients to look at. The individual dummies could be kept in a box in your trunk.
I have several cake dummies I put out on display during a consultation. The cakes are common sizes... 3 tier all round cake, 4 tier all round cake, 5 tier square cake, 4 tier mix and match shapes cake. It makes it easy to say "see the 4 all round tier cake, that feeds 120 so that is the size of your cake." I also have my porfolio of cakes I have made out for clients to look at. If they see a cake they like I can point to one of my dummies to show a comparision of size.
I do not have a facebook account, so for me, any business that does not have a traditional website won't get my business. I have been selling cakes for 7 years now without a facebook page (I DO have a website) and not a single person said anything. I can't even recall a bride asking me if I am on facebook.
I use bubble tea straws as the support dowels for all my cakes. Doesn't matter if the cake is 2 tiers or 7 tiers. They work great, are cheap and are super easy to cut to size.
 I only use white chocolate ganache too for the same reasons.
I have a couple old t-shirts and shorts I wear when I am cake decorating. I don't care how much powdered sugar and flower I get on them. After each use they go in the hamper. I am in my own house, I wear what works best and allows free movement. Now, when a client is comingover, that is a whole 'nother story. But if it is just me and my hubby - comfort all the way.
I use cake drums on all my cakes. Even non decorated ones look professional and hold the weight of large cakes easily. If I decorate the cake drum I charge extra to cover the materials and time needed.
I ice all my fondant covered cakes with ganache. This is what I do: I ice the cake board with ganache to "glue" the cake to the board. The I fill the cake as I usually would. Once filled I cover the cake with saran wrap and refrigerate overnight. This allows the cake to settle and the cake to come really glued to the board. The next day I unwrap my cakes and trim any cake away that overhangs or is close to the edge of the cake board. The allows me to use the cake...
For my tastings I put large bite size pieces of cake in a small plastic cup (think jello shot size) with the lid on so the cakes don't dry out while waiting for the client to show. I usually have 4 or 5 different cake flavors to sample. The cups are arranged on a white square platter/plate I have with a little label in front of the cake samples with the name of the flavor. There is a piece of each flavor for each person that attends (up to 3 people). I do the same with...
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