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My contract states no changes can be made to an order once we are 30 days out from the event. That way I can start ordering things and preping. Do you have anything like that?
My sister in law got married in May of this year. I did the cake for it. Now, I wasn't in the wedding but my husband was so we had to be at the hall the wedding was at early. I usually deliver cakes 2 hours before the reception starts, but the reception was 30 minutes away from the ceremony hall and we had to be there early for pictures. So I told my sister in law that nothing she picked for the cake filling/icing would need to be refrigerated that way the cake could...
What are your costs for the cake? How long will it take you to make? How much do you want to make per hour? Costs are not just flour, sugar, eggss... Don't forget: All ingredients (even if you already have the flour - it costs x amount per cup to replace) Gas to drive to purchase ingredients/supplies Cardboard cake board Cake drum Tools (guessing you will need a ruffle tool, exacto knife, pearl boarder mold, fondant smoothers, paint brush, gel coloring...just for...
 I wasn't able to open your file. I get a message that say either the file is too large to open or has an error contained in it.
I think 25 cups would be about right since you are using buttercream for the filling too. Just to double check - are you doing 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling per tier? You could always make less and if you run out purchase additional ingredients to help with your budget needs.
 I use this support system for all my tiered cakes. The smallest I have done is a 2 tiered cake and the largest is a 9 tiered cake.I literally hammer the wooden dowels all the way through the cake and the cake drum. The one end is sharpened with a pencil sharpener, the other is flat and the flat side is the one I hammer. I cut the dowel to be ther entire height of the cake + .5" for the cake drum - 1.5". That way I know the dowels won't stick out the top of the cake.
 I use regular drinking size straws.
Just wondering if you figured out what happened that made your last cake callapse. Were the straws all the exact same length? Was the cake moved once set up at the venue? Knowing what went wrong last time will help you prevent the same from happening this time.
 I would do the exact same thing as you except I would stack everything Friday night. I like having my cakes finished the night before so if anything happens I have to time to fix/make new.I use bubble tea straws which I think is the same as the boba straws mentioned in your post. I also use the same number of straws as you per tier.For my cakes, instead of 1 wooden dowel, I hammer 2 offset dowels through the cake. Make sure the dowels are long enough to go through the...
I don't box my cakes when I deliver them. At least, not a box with a lid. I do put the cakes in a cake box with the lid removed just so nothing bumps the cake. This gives the cakes time to dry during delivery. I use the same buttercream as you. I have never had any problems. Even in condensation does form, the icing has never melted or bled.
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