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For my tastings I put large bite size pieces of cake in a small plastic cup (think jello shot size) with the lid on so the cakes don't dry out while waiting for the client to show. I usually have 4 or 5 different cake flavors to sample. The cups are arranged on a white square platter/plate I have with a little label in front of the cake samples with the name of the flavor. There is a piece of each flavor for each person that attends (up to 3 people). I do the same with...
You can make small peony flowers, but I still don't think the 1" ledge will be enough to support it. Just use a small center for the flower and only a couple of petal layers. This is a great tutorial:
 I forgot to mention that I have a convection, which makes a huge difference when baking. With the convection oven just baking at 325 degrees makes perfect, flat cakes every time.
What inventory do you need to keep track of? Cake boards, ingredients, fondant...? I find being very organized helps. Every Sunday I make a list of all the supplies I need that week for orders. Then I pull all the items from stock and if something is getting low I make a point of buying it the next time I at the supply store.
For weddings I have a 30 day cut off. For smaller orders I have a 2 week cut off time frame. If I have to buy something online I am not going to pay rush shipping just because someone can't make up their mind. Weddings are paid in full 30 days before the event. Smaller orders require a deposit with final payment 2 weeks before due date. There are a couple customers I have that place a couple small orders with me every year. Those customers pay me when they pick up...
I too use cake boss software for my home based bakery. I love it. But, it does not keep track of inventory. That is still up to me.
You could do a "rustic" iced cake with fresh flowers cascading down it. Brings together the floral and rustic parts of your wedding. I would see if the florist has any way to bling the flowers a little. That would jazz it up a bit without being overly glitzy.
I took me a couple years of decorating before I was comfortable offering to make a cake for a friend. Then another year or so before I started taking orders from people. If you want to improve your skill, just keep practing. But if you don't have any interest in the decorating part, focus on items that don't require decorations... cookies muffins breads brownies pies
What do you ice your fondant cakes with?
I don't do either. I bake my cakes at 325 degrees. Bake flat everytime.
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