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Chernobyl happened for several reasons, not just sleep deprivation. But, it is great for you body? No. Will it kill me if a couple times a year I push the limits? No. At least not any faster than the sugar in my cakes will kill me
I like Cake Boss too. I decided not to upgrade to the Cloud version so I don't have a yearly fee of $20 - just the one time purchase price. I just checked out Crafty Base. It looks okay, but I like that Cake Boss allows me to easy create recipes and tells me the cost. And Cake Boss is great at converting the cost of my 20 lb bag of flour into 1 cup per recipe. It didn't look like Crafty Base does anything like that.
What recipe did you use? How thick is your filling? I thought helping you figure out why this happened will help you prevent this from happening the next time you make a cake.
The all white strawberries are just dipped in white chocolate and an edible image is "glued" to them. You can print your own edible images or have a cake decorating store or grocery store print them for you. Just keep in mind that the stores will not pring copy righted images for your use. The purple strawberries are appear to be dipped in purple chocolate and white chocolate marbled (swirling the two colors together). Purple chocolate can be bought at cake decorating...
 That is not always true. I work full time so sometimes, from the very begining of an order, I know I will have to pull an all nighter to get the job done because of my day job schedule.
For a Saturday cake I : Bake on Wednesday, make fillings Fill and crumb coat Thursday, make icing Ice and decorate Friday There is no going to bed until the cake is done on Friday. Sometimes I get a full night's sleep and sometimes I have to pull an all nighter. Each order is different. But I never deliver a cake late by doing things this way. Also, if the cake requires sugar flowers or handmade fondant/gumpaste items I try to make them in my spare time the weekend...
The cakes will be just fine in the fridge until Jan. 1.
I leave my batter on the counter while all my cupcake batches bake. This has never affected the cupcakes. Keep trying. And don't let people change their order. I have a no changes can be made once an event is 30 days away clause in my contract. I hold people to this. Even family members that don't sign the contract.
You can but the orange flavor won't be very strong. I would suggest adding a box of orange jello to the recipe too. That will give it a strong orange flavor.
I am in one of the knot's targeted area. I get a couple inquires a month but when I ask brides how they found me most say the know or wedding wire. So just because you don't get email inquires from the know doesn't mean they aren't directing brides your way. The reviews brides leave me on these sites is probably the main reason people contact me. Getting reviews is huge!
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