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While we are on the subject of machine cutters, has anyone seen or used the"MINI" cricut cake? Joann's currently has them on sale. I was curious to the pro's and cons of, it between the regular cricut cake. The ad says the only difference is the room it takes up on the counter top. I am curious to ALL the pro's and cons and knew this would be the place to find out! lol
Hi all. I am going to attempt to do Debbie Brown's lady in a box cake for a bithday. I am curious as to how the arms are made to stay extended upwards. What is used to hold them up...Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Have you ever thought of using the canned pie filling? It comes in almost any flavor...and most pies sit at room temperature, even at some restaurants/diners
julesh268, I am in agreement with cakebliss, I do mine the same way. I always drop my filled pan on the counter several times and it seems to make a difference. HTH
I cannot find the thread on the soda cracker candy,,,I didn't bookmark it. Does anyone have it please?
I am a newbie....what is SPS?
I think it would be wonderful if there was any way to continue where you left off when you view a thumbnail cake (pic) on the "most saved" or "recently added". As it is now if you click on one to enlarge and return it takes you all the way back to the beginning. While I want to view some in a larger pic then click back, it goes back to the beginning and I have to forward through all the way again. I hope this makes sense. It is so time consuming and frustrating to have to...
check out the Doboard, it changed my cookie making life, seriously has to be the best thing baking wise I ever bought. Andrea, What is the Doboard? I am intrigued.Thanks, Melody
Please don't be sorry for my ignorance! lol Thank you for answering and having patience with us newbies! Another thing to love about this forum!!
I'm still new at this too and I do not know all the abbreviations used in the recipie....Black Midnight Cake. Can someone tell me what the tsp's of BP and BS are?
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