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Hola!!! Soy de bayamon, me alegra encontrar a alguien de PR. No sabia de q en Yauco habia algo de bizcochos con esa magnitud pero si logras saber please!!! enviamelo por PM. En\\cantada.... Dalicha
Well i used a 2 round pans # 5x3 for the top and a pan #10 for the belly or #8 all depend to how many people do you want to serve. Ok to make de belly look very real i used a bowl that resist heat (at the oven) only to make the belly very pointy like real one , and put it on the pan #10, put BC and the foundant. It's really beautifull I really recomend you this. you can see my belly at my photos i have done 3 before with this technique tha my proferssor theach me. hope be...
I made one for my 2 years son. I used the wilton pan an a squear # 8 and was really easy... You can see at my photos. and any questions pm me nooooo problem. And take it easy it's no that hard. For this cake i will charge about $100 depends ($70.00 for the sponge and $30.00 for the squear) Hope be helpfull. Good Luck!!!
Love to know the final product please let me know and good luck!!!!
Wow i understand you perfectly, i'm never work modeling chocolate before but i can tell with foundant if you see all is al floffy and rincles , take a bigggg peace of foundant or modeling chocolate and just let it be, you'll see. When you have cover the bear then makes de details like the front of the pijamas and the rincles of the end of leave and pants. I don't know my opinion that's the way i tried. Good luck!!!
thats a good idea... just depend how many time do you have to meke this cake because you ca also make a big wall make out of gumpaste or foundant simulating the start of the runaway you can do 3 pieces to give the illusion when you se the cake at front of the area that de model get in and out of the runaway to change the clothes. and will be 3 but smaller of 1 big and fragil. imagine the long catwalk at front, then see one peace at each side almost at the end and at the...
Well i think like a women upper body with the foundant like this fabric (i don't nkow how to explain) like this peace of fabric tha we used with a fancy dress at the shoulder make out of foundant and shaped around the "body" cross at the front simulating the sign of the breast cancer symbol that cover the body discretly, have they symbol and you can make some cosmetic around because they are beatyfull all the time, in side and out.
Andddd if you tried like a nascar car at the road (race) and the signs road said 20 (years), 30,40 and at fifty you cand ended with the car crashing oooorrrrrr parking at the 50th lapid tha said over the hill.
I really don't do it beacause when the foundant get the the room temperture all that humidity came out and mekes the foundant all shiny and stick. I spoke for my experience. Hope be helpfull
Don't worry if you don't use foundant just draw the dress with your outline color to creat the new shape for the clothes. the outline don't have to perfect at the begineng it's just to give you the vision of how maybe will be look and then start piping star all over it. you can go to my photos i have there 3 diferent cakes with the pirates pan of wilton. Have the pirates, Pablo Marmol (Flinstons), and a militar man all the same pan. Well i hope whit this you can work out...
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