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very helpful thanks so much!!
well that is what i usually do but with my wanting to put a cake board inbetween all the layers i didnt think that would be ideal so thats why i was looking for other options. thanks though.
i was planning on putting one larger one in the middle and under each layer of cake there will be a cake board. i really really just need some ideas on how to attach the arms!! thanks.
I am using about 6 to 7, 10 inch rounds.
I am making a 3D R2D2 cake for a grooms cake this weekend and need some help with how I should support it. I was thinking just a larger then normal dowel in the middle with a cake board inbetween each layer. Any other better or more sturdy suggestions would be helpful! I also need help with attaching the arms. I will be making them out of RKT but and unsure of how to properly attach them. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!
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