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Cake porn all are hilarious !!! But....I'm addicted too, so now I hang my head down in shame...NOT !!! I just love CC and can't get enough!!
Yeah...I can't wait!!!!
lucky you!!! All I found today at rummage sales was a duck & hippo cookie
what a great friend....congrats!!!
Happy Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!!
Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!!
I've never had any problems w/raspberry perserves. Just make sure its a good brand. Sometimes I also mix it w/my icing.
I've had problems with using both. For me, one or the other works better alone. That's just my experience. With the White alomond sour cream cake I use a recipe w/o pudding.
Congrats Cakebaker on the win!!!! Loved it!
Here's one
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