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Hubby bought me one for my b-day last year and I love it! Will never go back to Wilton again....def. worth the money for me
I agree with the papertowel rolls. I actually used the press and seal rollers as they are narrower and sturdy. I wet them a bit and then roll fondant right over them. Then cut the extra off, folding a bit over the edges of the roll. Then you can top with the turrets or whatever. Make sure you put the seams side towards your castle, lol!
I actually used her tutorial to help with my pirate ship and it was wonderful. All I did was email her and she was great about emailing instructions to me. Just do a member search for "karensue" and she will come up
I use the one on here that is alot like Cake Man with the oil and buttermilk....comes out really good! Nothing but praise everytime I make it. On here, it's under "Chef Stef's southern red velvet cake" HTH
I was using Satin Ice until I started having problems with it cracking and elephant skin. I switched to Fondx and LOVE it! Great taste too
Indydebi, while we are over to your recipe, I just want to thank you for posting it! I started using it about 6 months ago I think and everyone RAVES about it. My husband would sit and eat a whole bowl of it if I let him, lol! Anyways, I have been slowly growing my at-home bakery and strictly use your buttercream as my crusting icing . Thanks!-For Candoo - I use only 1/2 a packet of dreamwhip per 2lbs. of powdered sugar and it really works well. Definitely try and cut back...
Yes, does anyone know of a comparison of Foderific and Fondx? I love Fonderific but the price is killing me!
Guess that's why Duff has a $1,000 min. on his cakes, lol. Yeah, it is really expensive so I am just trying it out for now but I will probably use more Satin Ice during the summer with the humidity and when I get sick of paying the shipping
I have tried both and really like the Fond. best for tastes and use. The SI does set up harder though so it's better for modeling. I had alot of issues with cracks on my cakes so the fond. works for me. I just had to up my prices a bit to cover the extra cost
You guys have inspired me to try this myself. I have only been decorating cakes for 11 months but I am trying to soak up as much info. as I can. I have been scared to try mold but Dominic explained it so well, I really feel like I can do this! You both are WONDERFUL to help everyine out like this!Thankyou!!!
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