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Hi everyone! Could someone please tell me what is the best way to attach royal icing flowers to a buttercream cake to prevent them from softening/falling apart? Thanks
I just tried the chocolate hazelnut buttercream from this site today for a wedding cake I'm doing and its really good, I love it! What I wanted to do if I had enough was a thin layer of nutella over each cake layer and then the choc hazelnut b/c over it but I ran out. Anyway Im sure whatever you decide with nutella will be a winner! Good luck
Ive also done a ladybug cake. It was buttercream for the cake itself, and then a rice krispie treat ladybug covered in fondant on top. Im sure you could do something similiar using 1/2 ball pan for the ladybug and covering him in b/c. There is a picture of mine in my photos- first one. Good luck!
This is exactly what I do, lol! Works for me too, but agree there's gotta be a better way
Honestly I was debating still if I might use flowers along the border or just the top. That's a good point though, Ill keep it in mind. I do have most of the pans I would use. Thanks for your help!
Thank you all for your help as well as the picture IndyDebi.I will be doing all rounds. So do you think 6, 8 and 10 is my best option?
Hello everyone and thanks for reading this! I am doing a 3 tier wedding cake for family and dont have much experience with stacked cakes yet, although I think I do know what Im doing I am looking for opinions from all of you which are experienced on your preferences for tier sizes of 3 tiered wedding cakes. What do you think is best aesthetically? Now this wedding only needs to feed 50 people but they have said they'd like to save the top tier for their 1st anniversary....
Thank you both!Texas_rose you've done some very beautiful flowers and cakes!
Hi!I was just about to post another thread about this. No intention of hijacking this thread, however, I would also appreciate any input towards whether you should use gumpaste/fondant for flowers.My Wilton instructor taught us half and half for roses, but Id like to know if they would come out nearly as well with just fondant. I need to make mine tomorrow.Thanks!
I bet knowing that your boys (and you) did this for him, that this was the best cake hes ever had! I really enjoyed your pics, really brought a smile to my face!Thanks so much for sharing!
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