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can a cricut cake cut rice paper?  I just got one and would love to know, tia :)
Hello all! Does anyone know about Delaware? Greatly appreciated!
I am so behind on cakes lately it isn't even funny, though they r getting done on time. I was wondering how much cake would it take for 150 people? I haven't made a wedding cake for anyone this size before. Thanks!
I ruined my candy melts and only have unsweet choc. squares and was wondering would it be possible to sweeten it for a candy coating on cake pops? TIA
I can never get it smooth enough and was wondering if anyone had any tips for me? Please I am getting stressed. I have 2 large cakes being covered in bc and need help, TIA!!
Thanks so much everyone!!! I can't wait to try it now!
No offense!! That's all I have right now and am stuck with a last minute cake and not enough flour to make it from scratch like I would normally.
Does anyone know if it will actually taste chocolate and how much cocoa to add? Oh please I need help
She said he's new to being a rapper and it is for under 10 people...she suggested a microphone cupcake but that was it, I want it to be awesome looking but...
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