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I am making a traditional WASC cake but I am lost on what filling and buttercream flavors to use.  My sister doesnt want any fruit filling and I cant do cream cream filling because of the time the cake will sit out while im working on it.  I need some help being that she left the option up to me.  I need something that is non perishable but not boring.  Also I would like to know if I should  flavor the buttercream with almond extract or ameretto liquor?  What do you all...
Thank you all for the help you have given me confidence.
I would like to know how i make sure my cakes are perfectly centered when stacking.  Mine always seem to be a little off. 
I would like to know how many isomalt stick packs are needed to make one sugar beer bottle and how many ice cubes can be made out of 1 pack of isomalt sticks?
I am thinking about getting into cookies, I think I would like to cover mine in fondant and I am interested in knowing how much you all charge for yours..
I charge for all cakes (family or not) if it is not "MY" idea to make a cake as a gift. No one should offer your time and money for free. Once you do it for free, people always think you will do it for free. I don't give discounts because I put too much time and effort and money into my work to give it away.
Does anyone know the amount of high ratio, in weight not cups, for SugarShacks original recipe?
Go to Sweetwise website they have gloves that work great also check out their Youtube video on the gloves.
thank you
I would like to know the difference between bleached & unbleached flour. I also would like to know when I should use them. At this time all I have used was bleached but I would like to know if my cakes would benifit from using unbleached.
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