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if your impression mat is not deep in texture, push real hard, or roll on top of it. when you wrap the cake try not to streach it too much or over work/smooth it.
No. If it is bigger just stamp what you need into the fondant and cover the cake.You can also get some fake alligator skin vinyl from a fabric shop or hobby store and use that.
I made a Suitcase cake a few weeks back and had tons of questions on how It was made to look so realistic. Here is a link to a mini demo of that proccess. I hope you like it and find it helpfull.
The Crazy Cakes copyright is for the photo rights the characters and IP is protected by the respected owners. I used to have something that stated that on the old site I need to add that back into this version. But some of the cakes you guys are questoning are from contests, other's were commisions and a few were for my kids.
Thank you all for the feedback. We will try to incorporate it the best we can.Quick question:Did everyone see that there are 3 cake galleries to choose from on the Gallery page. It is in a drop down just above the play buttons. I'm a little concerned about how hidden that is.
After months of designing and codeing this site it is finally live. I would love some feed back on you see any issue with loading speed and or disply issues?does it flow/navigate well?does it catch your attention?do you think clients get the information they need.
250.00 for non sculpted400.00 for sculpted
3D cakes are pretty much all I do. Here is how I price it.Price per serving (what you think you will deliver)1/2 base price per serving (for carve away)Hourly rate for StructureHourly rate for SculptingHourly rate for PaintingHourly rate for FX (setting up Smoke, lights, and motors)It is actually broken down on the invoice this way. This helps me track what I am making my money on. I up charge all supplies 25% and I count everything.Boards, motors, lights, Structure...
http://www.superbrightleds.comYou can get the ligting stuff there:$49.00 - RGB-DC83: Dream-Color RGB Controller $15.00 - NFLS-RGB15: RGB 15 High Power LED Flexible Light Strip$20.00 - 12 Volt DC Power Supplies$5.00 - Extra wire$50.00 - Fog machine$15.00 - Hose
I built this cake base last night. It is made up of several components. Computerized Brain, RED, BLUE, GREEN flexable LED light strip and a power supply to convert 120v AC to 12V DC. Oh and a waterbased Fog Machine. The cool thing about it is that it has 100 differnt lighting patterns and speed controle.Here is a video of it in action.!/video/video.php?v=210326298982886&oid=172885063568&comments
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