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Both sides of this conversation have very valid points. Excellent customer service is the best way to grow a business. I try to take mistakes like this (mine or the customers) and learn from it. Leah S and Indydebi have great points to make. I also like having the bride/customer intitial all the different important places on the contract.I have definitely learned from the OP, and from the comments left. Thanks everyone.
Wow! There are some amazing cakes that have been so overlooked! Is there a better time to post a cake than others?Here is a cake I did last week. It took me three days (I should say nights, I work two other jobs during the day) and I was surprised there were no comments! But the cake I posted that took 4 hours made the top faves? It was a simple 8" round, go figure?Anyway, here it is, for what it's worth. I am very proud of it.
Hi Everyone,No cakes for me this friday. Just stopping by to see what everyone else is up to. I hope all goes well for all who are working on cakes. And thumbs up to Beckup for the cakes for Breast Cancer Awareness. That is awesome!Pieceofcake830, what is WOS? Just curious.Have a great evening everyone!
Wow! In the small town area of WA that I live in most wedding cakes w/ fondant start at 4.00 per serving. And I have some brides who think that is too much! Little do they realize the time and costs that go into making cakes that they want.I think that CA & NY probably have more costs in running a business there + most large cities can charge more. I think it is expected. I would expect to pay more if I went into Seattle for cake. I am envious of them! (However, I wouldn't...
Hi Everyone,I've always been a lurker here, and thought tonight I'd post. I already delivered two birthday cakes this week. Nothing for me tonight just planning for the next week. I will have a John Deere birthday cake and a couple dozen bridal shower cupcakes. All squeezed in between my two other jobs as a preschool teacher and graphic designer!I envy all of you who can focus on cakes, someday in the future I will too. And Leah, Wow! Four wedding cakes! I so admire you!...
I use either a 26" or 28" pastry bag with my tip. I fill it about 2/3 of the way and use one of the Wilton purple bag closer thingys (sorry I don't know what they are called) wrapped tightly around the open end. Then I sqeeze down to the tip, just enough icing to fit in my hands comfortably, the rest is pushed back in the bag and rests on or over my arm until I need it. (If you watch Cake Boss on tv, you can see how they do it.)I also always crumb coat my cakes with icing...
I've only been at this for a short time. But I use BC most of the time. I only use DH when I can't get the flavor in BC. I doctor it up with the WASC recipe and it is always a big hit. Over the time I've been baking I've come up with some great variations of the WASC. Most of my clients ask for the Triple Chocolate BC. I add 1/3 cup more of the mini chocolate chips to the recipe at the very end. It makes it very rich, nobody never has an idea it came from box!
Well done! I also like your list of to do's! Thank-you for the reminder on the double check, always a good idea! I hate those panicky feelings.
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