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I thought they looked like buttercream too, but when I blew up the pic some of them are scalloped. Thank you both for your input.
Can any one tell how to make the flowers on this cake, Do you think they are fondant? And if they are Lily of the valleys , how do yoy make them head on? Thank you
I use Magic line too. Love them.
Hello Ive never used lace on a cake, but when I trim in ribbon I just lined it when scotch tape. And that kept the buttercream from bleeding thru.
Allynellasmom, the baby is from a silicone mold. I think I bought mine from Globalsugar art. . The rose is beautiful, mine never look like that !
I think when I did mine, I google it and found the instructions. I just didnt do as many layers as some. have. I think it looks better with more layers though.
The sushi cake in my picture was made with fruit roll ups , twinkies, and different candy. The plate and chop sticks were made out of fondant
Hello and welcome to Cake Central, When I look at some of the cakes here on Cake Central , I still feel new too. There is so much talent here, and you can learn so much. When I want to practice, If I were feeling lazy I would buy Wilton's premade frosting . And I would practice on an empty cake pan, just scrape it off and start over. Good Luck and I hope this helps.
That is neat, Thanks for sharing.
Hell'o and Welcome to CC
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