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The stuff on google and yelp should be enough. They also attended a tasting. If that's not enough for them I don't know what is.
Hi,I am from MA also. You will find helpful information here
I must try this recipe. Sounds yummy!
I have the iPad (1st generation)
Hi esagston,It's "Transparent Pricing" they only charge 2.75% per swipe for all credit cards.No monthly fees or contracts. I have read that other CC members have started using it and they love it as well. Here is a mini review post that was posted yesterday here on CC
The ipad is one of the greatest things ever! Did you know you can take credit card payments with it? I used it on a cake payment this weekend for the first time and everyone though it was so cool when I swiped the card on my ipad using the credit card reader adaptor! (You can also use the adaptor on the go with your iphone) (The credit card reader is free, for all of you who are interested.)
I have tried painting "Silver" on a cake with a brush before and it did not work out as well. I don't know how much time you have, but this airbrush would do the trick. I used silver sheen on my tire cake The tire rim and chain...
lol... You beat me to it! I was just going to suggest Wilton "rose". I used it on my last animal print cake for the hot pink and it did the trick.
Awesome! Thanks fior sharing
I used mine with MMF the first time. It gave me a little trouble. I have used it with Satin Ice after that and it has worked well. (I never used it with MMF again)
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