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You might not be compressing the mixture enough. RTK is sensitive to humidity as well. I had the same trouble with a teddy bear and I used toothpicks going in different directions and added some royal icing for glue. After the fondant was added it held up for the event. However I warned the servers about the toothpicks because they can be hard to spot and dangerous. I hope this helps and your piece turns out OK.
I must be odd in extreme, but I like fondant(Choco-pan) over Mike McCarey's buttercream recipe. It's tasty and beautiful. The only problem is that it has to be kept cool. I LOVE rtk also. It tastes great with modeling chocolate or Choco-pan over it. I love all the fanciful impressive cakes . Just buttercream is too limiting to me because I don't have the skills to make it look pretty. I like the taste of sugar veil too. Am I a oddball or what?
Great job! You ARE an artist. Please keep us in the loop. This is fascinating.
RKT will make great mountains. You can make candy melts any color by adding Make n Mold food color. I like the idea all4cake had of drizzling it .That will give you great texture. The best thing is it tastes good with the RKT. You might add some cotton candy for clouds and mist. You can get it ready made in bags. Our Wal-mart has it. I'll be looking for the finished product. It'll be great!
I'm not an expert, just a hobby baker. I would make the stems of a fondant and gum paste mixture . Roll or pipe into ropes, cut to length, let them dry then assemble using royal icing for "glue". I'd wrap the bow on the stems and attach it to the cake first then add the flowers. Good luck. I'm sure some other members will have ideas that will help.
I shape my rough design while the RTK is still warm compressing it as much as possible for strength. You can blenderize the cereal before you make the treats for a smoother product also. After getting the approximate shape, I wait until its cool to start carving. Using an armature of dowels or wire will help it hold up, but you have to warn the consumer that its in there. I hope this helps a little.
I use the regular recipe. The trick is to compress the treats really well. I've seen the Big Names on the cake shows actually use a rubber or plastic mallet to compress the mixture. Refrigerating it til you put on the fondant or modeling chocolate is a good idea as well. Some decorators add less cereal than the recipe calls for to make it more dense. I try to model the basic shape I want while the mixture is still warm. Then after it cools completely, I refine the design....
Unplugging the phone is what I meant by, meeeeee.
ME, me,meeee! NOTHING comes between me and my cake shows (picture Brooke Shields in her Calvin Klein's)LOL!
R.Winbeckler is awesome , but M. McCarey IS THE MAN! His work has better proportions and is cleaner than anyone else out there in 3-D Cakeland in my opinion. No matter who wins, it's going to be fabulous to watch the masters at work. Can't wait!!!!
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