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Hi I was curious if you found any places in HK for molds or other supplies? Now at its a few years later, perhaps other people have found places. I am from US and traveling to Indonesia and Hong Kong. If you or anyone knows of places, I would appreciate your input Thank you
Thank you all for your comments. Debbie, your help was great. Matte is what was needed, but just the start, lol. I ended up changing out the black inks for exactly the reason madisgranny said. I just haven't used it lately. So with everyones help and suggestions I have my images for my next cake. Thanks to everyone for your help.Tina
Thank you Debbie yes, left to right. I did a head cleaning and now a pattern check, still not a change. Then, I did deep cleaning and still horizontal lines, bu t not as much.
I have the Canon 3600, have all inks in, etc. It's printing with lines thru it....AHHHHH, does anyone know why this is happening?At first I thought it was my ink being low, so I replaced it, still happening.What am I doing wrong?Can anyone help me????? Please.......Thanks
Does anyone have this recipe. Thanks so much
Thank you for your suggestion. I will transport it in 7 boxes & 2 trucks. Don't think I can just glue them together just in case someone bumps up into the table. I really want to make sure it's very sturdy and there are no errors.I think I like that idea with the mini cake though. Thank you
oopsie, typo, 100 lbs -- don't type after midnight & always preview, lolThank you for the idea. You don't think that it's too heavy? It's like having a kid stand on top of it. Just scared it will squish each down and become uneven?Link to cake I'm trying to go for, it's the 4th cake
I need help!!!! I have a fake cake that's about 4 feet tall. All rounds and every other layer is gumpaste flowers. The ones without the flowers have scrolls around them.The questions are, how do I stack them???? Wooden dowels? Do I need to have a piece of cardboard between the layers? ***Another question*** unrelated. As far as cutting a piece of cake, I know that I can add a piece of real cake to the bottom layer, however, the cake is about 200 lbs together and...
Silly question, but why don't you just call them up and ask them?
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