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Thank you, everybody, for the great ideas. I can't wait to try them. I really appreciate the help.
Hi All! Is it possible to flavor chocolate ganache? I would like to make a raspberry chocolate ganache for my daughter's birthday. If so, what do I use and how much? I have no idea. I'm new at fillings and flavorings. Thank you for any help.
Hi All! I only have a 3 inch deep pan, but want a 2 inch cake. Can I fill it part way and have it turn out ok? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Amateur baker here. Thanks for any help.
Hi All! I've pm'd several people asking for advice on a Mr. Potato Head cake, but I haven't gotten any responses. I was hoping somebody out there could help. I have no idea where to start as far as carving and supporting this cake. What size pans? Round, I assume. Doweling? I'm an amateur, but would like to try and make this cake for my daughter's birthday. Any help would REALLY be appreciated. Thank you.
Thank you everybody! I appreciate the tips.
Hi all. Does anyone know how to bake a cake evenly, not have that bump in the middle. I hate having to cut so much off to level. Thank you.P.S. It's an 8 inch square pan, 2inches deep
I purchased the make your own mold kit. Mold turned out great, same with sugar bottles. Only problem, after sitting for a day sugar beer bottles are sticky. What did I do wrong?
I called Pathmark, Acme and Sam's Club in my area. They all acted like I was crazy. I'll try Walmart next.
Does anyone know where I can go to get edible icing images made in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area?
Hi AllI found a cake in the gallery of a six pack of cans of beer. It said the cakes were baked in washed out beer cans. I have some questions about baking the cakes in beer cans and everytime I try to get in touch with the person who posted the pic, I get an error code. I was hoping someone else baked the cakes this way and could answer my questions. ThanksWhat end of can do you cut off?Do you grease inside of can?How much do you fill?How do you get them to stand in...
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