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Hi All! First time making figures for a cake. Do I use fondant mixed with tylose so it hardens? How do i glue pieces together, for example, head to body, legs, arms, etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.
Thank you, everybody, for the great ideas. I can't wait to try them. I really appreciate the help.
Hi All! Is it possible to flavor chocolate ganache? I would like to make a raspberry chocolate ganache for my daughter's birthday. If so, what do I use and how much? I have no idea. I'm new at fillings and flavorings. Thank you for any help.
Hi All! I only have a 3 inch deep pan, but want a 2 inch cake. Can I fill it part way and have it turn out ok? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Amateur baker here. Thanks for any help.
Hi All! I've pm'd several people asking for advice on a Mr. Potato Head cake, but I haven't gotten any responses. I was hoping somebody out there could help. I have no idea where to start as far as carving and supporting this cake. What size pans? Round, I assume. Doweling? I'm an amateur, but would like to try and make this cake for my daughter's birthday. Any help would REALLY be appreciated. Thank you.
Thank you everybody! I appreciate the tips.
Hi all. Does anyone know how to bake a cake evenly, not have that bump in the middle. I hate having to cut so much off to level. Thank you.P.S. It's an 8 inch square pan, 2inches deep
I purchased the make your own mold kit. Mold turned out great, same with sugar bottles. Only problem, after sitting for a day sugar beer bottles are sticky. What did I do wrong?
I called Pathmark, Acme and Sam's Club in my area. They all acted like I was crazy. I'll try Walmart next.
Does anyone know where I can go to get edible icing images made in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area?
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