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Can be naughty and nice (MSNBC). I just thought I'd share this with all of you - interesting and funny too.
I would've left it at 350 and kept watching it after 40-45 minutes. Bundt pans bake differently so you'll have to adapt and keep watch. It should work - be patient.
If you aren't using the RKT for support (to have him stand up) then I say add it - it helps with the flavor (in my opinion) and I'm sure someone will end up eating them.
I made this one last night, super easy and tasted great. I used premium Ghiradelli chocolate chips. You could switch up the flavoring and additions to it to meet whatever taste you are looking for.
I have the Wilton one and since the swirl (top) and bottom are seperate I don't torte any further - just fill between the 2 layers. It doesn't come with anything to make a hole in the center, but I guess you could hollow it out after baking if you wanted to.
Sounds like terrible customer service. I'd call back and ask to speak with a supervisor and if they don't help, go above them. Then put it in writing (certified/return receipt). You should not be stuck with an expensive, sub-par item.Good Luck!
I use H&H all the time - you can leave your frosted art out of the fridge in a cool place.
It's Fondarific repackaged to sell under his brand name - too expensive in my opinion to pay for his name (even with a coupon).
I have a great Whipping Cream Pound Cake recipe, super - super yummy. No icing or even PS needed to dress it up. A small dollop of WC is all it "needs". Hopefully it attaches
I'm not a fan of the taste of gingerbread, so I can't answer this myself with a taste test. I'm making some mini gingerbread boys for the office. My questions is...does chocolate pair well with the flavor of gingerbread? I was going to coat the boys in melted chocolate and decorate. Again, they are mini cakes about 3 1/2 inches tall so it wouldn't be alot of chocolate.Thanks!
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