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wow Making a hobby to turn illegal  bakers or caterers? .... I know the health Dpt. looks for them anyway. Where are bakers supposed to start?    I baked from home for 5 years until I had the courage and money to have a store front....everyone hast to start somewhere.   There will always be people that can't afford the $5 a slice I charge then they go to the home bakers that charge $2.... I still have enough business to keep me busy and reject cakes 2-3 times a week...
Thank you so much, I bought the location and just decided to put it of lease in January.... I truly enjoy making cakes and I feel that's what I want to do. My husband wants to get involved when he retires but he still has 4 more years =( ,.... so I think in 4 years I can re open and I'll learn more about what the town likes.   They had no clue what a scone was until I brought them here, nor french macaroons, chocolate croissants.... I can keep going on and on. Only 40%...
Hey y'all  So 8 months ago we opened a bakery/cupcake shop. We have realized over the last 3 months we sell more decorated cakes and cupcakes than any other thing... So I'm making the decision of changing my menu and becoming a cake and cupcake shop.   Anyone has faced this? what was the reaction of your customers? I live in a tiny small town where a donut shop is consider a bakery.... I brought to this town all kinds of french pastries, every thing made from scratch...
Just moved to Louisiana.... from Monterey CA .... completely different temperatures.1. I really need advice in how to work or what to change in my fondant as I know humidity and heat might make it melt. Any advice is appreciated.2. What would be the best buttercream for a weather like this. Thank you =)
I really really appreciate the comments. Definitely will send her an apology card with a gift certificate. I was thinking maybe her first anniversary cake (maybe a 6in ) I could do for free.It is hard to have unhappy customers, I was depressed all day for it... guess it can happen to anyone at some point.Good call on the clause about the color....Thank you very much! Y'all made me feel better!
I used the gold dust and it was pretty yellow! but didn't realized until I already put it on! it is the same gold I always use, but Wilton changed the look from it, still said gold... so I thought it was going to be me it looked gorgeous! but I guess I shouldn't have gone with it... but it's done. I just want to know what could I do to fix it, I'll hate a bad review for it.
This is my first unhappy customer and I feel sick to my stomach and want to fix it.The lady asked me for a gold drape, it ended up being more yellow than gold.... the cake was still beautiful! but the drape was clearly more yellow....She wasn't ugly upset but sent me an email saying she was disappointed with the drape color...what should I do at this point?Should I refund some money?The cake was from 3 weeks ago, so I can't fix the cake
What is the best cake mix?I'm a scratch baker, but I might travel outside the country and until I adjust the recipes to the ingredients where I go I wan to bring a reliable cake mix to save me if I need to.Pillsbury, Betty C or DuncanH?
I'm having trouble editing pic for the contest, it keeps saying I've already enter and I haven't! I tried to upload a different pic and same thing happened
This was for the magazine
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