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Hi Cakers! I've read somewhere that adding sour cream and flour to any cheesecake recipe (wether it calls for it or not) will help surface cracks and not make the cake so dense. Keeps it on the lighter texture side. Any input on this?
Great cake! Thank you for the input!  =)
Thanks deliciousdesserts! Lots of good info.
Edible ink????? I don't think the Cameo as edible ink? My last question referenced my edible printer that I have.  And yes, if not used regularly it does cause issue.  However, I was asking if there are any issues with the Cameo if not used on a regular basis. Thanks.
You stated not to bother buying one if I'm not going to use it for a few months at a time. Is there a reason? Does it effect the printer negatively not being used?? I don't do a lot of cakes but when I do, I enjoy trying to get them as perfect as possible.
I'm trying to avoid spending all this $$$$ if it's not something that's going to work out for me. Hoping others who use it currently can shed some light on this topic. Thx for the input!
Hi Cakers! I've read similar posts on this site about the Cameo. However, i still have questions. 1. I already know it's not food safe and not to use paper if using it for cakes. But, those of you who do use it, what are your thoughts. 2. I've seen multiple YouTube videos of the cameo in action. Those of you who apply the icing sheet cut out directly to buttercream, does the cut image absorb the shortening/butter in the icing causing the cut image to discolor?? ----I...
Hi Cakers! I need to color fondant the color of Lavendar. Can you please explain how I get that color? I don't see the food color Lavender in Wilton or Americolor. I'm assuming I have to combine some collection of colors??? Suggestions? Tips? Thanks!
  Thank you Sharon for the input so much!   The cracking was on the cakes before I stacked though.  Woke up in the morning to go stack them and found the hairline cracks.   I will give the more shortening tip a try.  I measure out my shortening on a scale and exactly come to 5 cups.  I noticed either in a past post of yours or even the recipe you mention something along the lines of a "generous" 5 cups.   Thanks again!  =)  =)      
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