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Hi Debbie I recently just purchased a canon mg5320 and am wondering if you could tell me what's the best settings to use for printing, I have it set to plain paper. My problem is everything is coming out just a tad darker than the original images. I did manage to lighten and brighten a little this morning by using auto corrections in office before printing I also have it set to borderless printing. Thanks in advanceLouise
You tube has some great video tutorials. I've never taken the Wilton courses, I took classes at my local cake shop. But I would think buying the student kits and working your way through them would be a good way too start. And also asking here is a great resource. When I 1st started this was my biggest go to place for just about everything. Everyone is so helpful and the forums has lots of posts that might just answer a question you have, just do a search.
its absolutely adorable, the woman is awesome and never fails with her books. Love her, love her books.
I haven't uploaded the pics yet but i made 2 yesterday, one was a 2 tier and one was a 1 tier square, and I think I prefer the one tier look. The 2 tier looks nice but I think it started to look a bit "poofy" I don't think I would go more then 2 tiers with it. But I think if you did a 3 or 4 tier you could stagger the petal effect tiers do one plain in between I think that would look pretty. I'll try and upload the pics later today.Also I think the size of the tiers...
straws is all I have ever used, no disasters so far. I usually stack on site if more than 2 tiers. I buy my straws at smart and final, thick black ones, I guess they are like the milkshake straws. Our local Asian Market didn't have boba tea straws, but the one from S&F are practically the same just no funky colors
I would use gumglue or egg whites to attach it all together. Gumglue can be made with some cmc/tylose powder and water HTH
I used modeling chocolate panels on a shoe box I did a few weeks ago. I tried it with fondant a few months ago and it seemed to droop a little. The modelling choc stayed nice and straight and neat.I measured the height and width of my sides and cut panels approx 1/8" bigger, popped the panels in the freezer for 10 mins to firm up and popped them on the cake and used a razor blade to trim to size. (I figured a slightly big bigger is easier to trim down than being...
you're not alone the past 5 cakes I've baked all in different size pans have all had some sticking issues, all I can think off is my ratio is off when I mixed my shortening and flour together. I just threw out a sheet cake cos it ripped in 4 places this afternoon turning it out. I just popped another in the oven this time using melted butter and wax paper. Fingers crossed this works
I'd like to know too, I totally forgot I had entered lol. Just looked at my pic and I have a lot more "favs" than I had before.
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