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I have a potential order for Dec. 5th, my first cupcake order. its for a 100d 100 cupcakes for a babyshower, I was thinking of maybe charging $100,is $100 sound reasonable??
ok, thanks guys.
I have no dowels or have much time to run to the store in the morning to buy any but I do have lolipop sticks can I use a bunch of them to hold an 8 inch cake????
thanks. I'll try my best to make it look good together. I really wanted about $60 to $65 but she mentioned her budget was $40 so I said fine, she'll be my 2nd paid customer, (very excited). Just hope at the drop off I'll get alot of wow's and future customers lol.
I have to do a cake for a boy and girl for this saturday, the theme is Mickey and Minnie mouse. a 2 tiered caked, the top cake will be minnie and the bottom will be minnie. so the top tier will be red with black and white and the bottom tier will be purple white and black. dont you guys think it sounds tacky when it comes to the colors....what should i do, please help. Mind you, she had a $40 dollar budget for the cake and as favor I figured I'll do it for her.
I have a 2 tier cake due this saturday, for a girl and a cake for both. so my client wants me to use red white and black for the colors on the cake and ad minnie's colors as well...don't you think thats too busy or what should i do...i don't want it too look too crazy. the bottom tier is buttercream with fondant strips and the top tier not sure..but the toppers are minnie and mickie.
wow thanks alot
i would like to know myself....
love this pictorial.
I wasn't able to vote, everytime I clicked on the entries they were no pictures.
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