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I would like to know myself
thanks for the ideas....
I have a cupcake order for Friday, 24 cupcakes and the person likes gingerbread man and would like the cupcakes to be xmasy, I'm clueless right now. i have no idea to how to do it or how to. Can you guys give me any ideas on this cupcakes, thanks.
I have 100 cupcakes to do by tomorrow afternoon and I'm trying to finish them tonight, can I leave them on the counter and will they be fine by tomorrow, there covered in fondant????
ok, thanks.
ok, I'll forward the link over to my friend, thanks.
I live in CT and have a friend who lives in Stone Mountain, GA who is looking for someone to make cupcakes for her babyshower, for 50 guest on January 16th, is anyone interested?
I want to try the WASC recipe but I'm not sure if I suppose to use all the ingredients in the cake box like the oil and water plus the rest of the ingredients...or just the cake box alone and the rest of the ingredients..
well the reason I'm charging a dollar is because I'm still new at this, plus my work is not that flawless yet. so maybe the next time I'll charge a little more. I just don't want to charge $2.00 and it looks sloopy or not perfect.
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