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I would like to know myself..
thanks, maybe I'll try it.
Has anyone tried Aldi's cake mix? I would like to try it but not so sure..
Thanks, I explained to her why I coulnd't make the cake for her at the price she took it well, thank god. Thanks everyone for your advice!!
Thanks guys, I'm going to call her and say no I won't do it. Let's see how she takes it.
She mentioned a cake purse and I said I wasn't that talented, so I suggested her to go to a new bakery that just opened and they make purse cakes....she replied and said, she rather spend her money on me because she heard great things about me. Also she wants to meet with me and draft up a cake for $75. I really don't want to do a cake for her.
I had a lady call me wanting a cake for next friday...she tells me she wants a 3 tier cake with lots of flowers and the number 34 as a topper out of fondant, for 100 servings, I said ok, that's going to cost you close to $300, she said "oh, I have a budget of $75 for her birthdAy cake" She still wants me to do her a cake with lots of flowers for 100 people with $75, I can't come up wiTh any ideas especially with her budget. What should I do or do guys have any ideas???
I need to bake (3) 12'' cakes, 4'' high, can i bake (2) 12" cake pans at once in the over, 1 cake pan on the top rack and the other on the bottom rack?
your right multilayered...thanks, and thats something I don't think about when it comes to the labor.
I'm having problems attaching the picture, well its a baby carriage, its covered in fondant with zebra stripes. using a 12'' pan and (2) 8'' pans for the wheels.
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