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thanks!!! baked uneven and I tried to cut evenly, but it didnt work. so i figured i can probably fix it by adding more frosting to uneven side and also by adding cardboard underneath to even it out..
I covered 3 cakes in fondant but not stacked. 12'' 8'' 6'' the 12'' is leaning but I cut pieces of cardboard and stuffed it underneath the leaning area, my question is would it be ok once I stack the other tiers..
do you refrigerate after frosting the cake so it can set..
I was asked if I can make a 3 tier cake that represents 1yr. anniversary, housewarming, and birthday cake, each tier will represent each theme. my mind went blank. I dont see how that end result will look, all i can imagine is the cake looking like a hot mess. any ideas...
thank you sooo much!!!
the red one...
next week I have to make a Ciroc bottle cake, but I've searched online for the label so i can print it and have it printed on edible paper, but having trouble finding one. any other ideas..
I baked a cake last thursday and added simple syrup, then I found out the party was cancelled so I wrap it in plastic wrap and its in my freezer, I was wondering has it been frozen for to long, or can I use it for an order I have this saturday??
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