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It looks good!  The leaves and vines, just what it sounds like they portrayed to you that they wanted.  Goodness knows, there are always cakes you're not going to like or even want to do because you're not sure of the outcome.  Different people, different long as it's what they wanted, you've done your work. A word to the wise...never question yourself.  You've got enough to deal with.  Good Job!!
I have a bride that is requesting a cake that has what looks like white lace wrapped around each tier.  The only transfer sheets I can find are "chocolate" transfer sheets.  Is there such a thing as edible white lace sheets?  If so, where do I get them?
great idea!  thanks for the help!
that's what i thought, but figured i better get any details i can.  thanks!! :)
There is a "shaping" technique where the top of the cake is bigger than the bottom.  Not completely "upside down", just bigger at the top.  I need to know how to do that.
what's the best way to quilt on buttercream?
How do you keep the flow icing on the cookies and not have it dripping over the sides?I've seen some awesome work here, but i can't figure out how to do THAT!!
need to know what pan to bake the butt in!
your day sounds like mine!Tried to bake a "monkey head" in a stainless mixing bowl, done several times before. Baked on a low temp for 2 hours. Take it out, go to flip it out, and the entire bottom half of cake is RAW!!! Ugh!! Then I tried to bake thumbprint cookies, done 100 times before, cookies just s-p-r-e-a-d ALL OVER THE PAN!!ewe!! SUPER-FRUSTRATED! so, what did I do for comfort?? Got online to CC and checked out all the beautiful cakes uploaded recently!...
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