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If you are charging for this cake, I'd be careful here with the copyright issue for the Thunder logo (NBA).Just a thought.
My scariest health risk of caking is related to the dangers of obesity or even just being overweight. My first career was as an internal medicine doctor and I have worked specifically in the specialty of endocrinology and in an obesity laboratory. I've seen first-hand the numerous medical complications of being overweight and read the studies citing obesity as a cause for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, certain cancers and other, common diseases. (Heart disease is...
I would expect a large decrease in resolution by just enlarging an image from the 'net. Do you know anyone with the actual shoes that you can put on a flatbed scanner and scan in super-high res before enlarging?-j(Uh.. you ARE talking about the brand Converse, right?)
What about mixing in some red powdered food color? I've *heard* this works - have not tried it myself yet. (So I can't comment about texture/flavor issues...)Worth an experiment?-j
You know you're a decorator when... you start photographing flowers. And you're a dude.aka, "Hey, that would look great in gumpaste!"
OK, here's my idea:Decorate the tiered cake in traditional flowers & butterflies.Then, Why not make a small GP figure of the bride/groom (whoever is into photography) leaning out of their (small) "Just Married" getaway car to photograph a (relatively large) flower or butterfly on the cake?I think if the size of the car/photography component of the cake is kept very small, you would still have an overall elegant look to the cake. Its all in balancing the elements.HTH-j
Many big box hardware stores sell large, wood circles that are intended to be table tops for a make-your-own table. Check out the lumber section. Wonderful cake bases, but not as cheap as DIY since they are pre-cut circles for you. (But pre-cut means VERY clean edges!) They tend to be about 3/4 to 1 inch thick, too. We have a local ACE hardware that also stocks these, as well as Home Depot and Lowe's.They won't cut a circle for you (typically, by store policy) from a...
For figure modeling, I like to use a 50/50 ratio of gumpaste and fondant. (No need to add tylose or CMC to this mix, b/c the gumpaste already has that or something like that in it.)I find this allows fine detail (ex: hair strands) that you would be hard pressed to get with just fondant. (Perhaps this is the equivalent of being able to make thinner petals with GP.)If you'd like to see my standing, grad figure made with 50/50, you can see my home...
Perhaps a John Deere tractor pushing all the credit card companies into the ocean?(Oh wait, no politics on the boards...)Cakes in the shape of states (NJ, TX) have been showing up regularly on the cake shows.DE would be pretty easy.
In trying to minimize the bride's cost of a cake stand rental, my concern would be you increasing your labor & materials cost as you "reinvent the wheel" by creating what could be essentially a custom stand. Wouldn't this increase her overall cost anyway?For example, covering a dummy in matching fondant/wrapping paper or even taking a trip to Michael's for coordinating sparkles - none of this is free, right?
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