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I read on this site about a year ago (paraphrasing here):It can be extremely frustrating learning to airbrush with an inferior tool, such that you may easily quit. Don't skimp out of the gate and you may end up actually learning to airbrush.If there was a consensus about which unit to buy, I'm sure this site would already have singled it out. (Like the Agbay for leveling cakes.)Another poster mentioned that the best airbrush is named "practice."(Which I still need to do...
I miss Challenge so so much. I'd take any decorating show at this point.Sadly, Cupcake Wars is 99.5% devoid of learning. (I do enjoy hearing Candace & Florian discuss why certain flavor combinations work or not - but such a tiny part of the 1 hr. show.)And there is essentially zero useful decorating techniques on Cupcake wars. (I know how to use sprinkles...)Well, that's why we have TiVo, right?
I have always wondered... if you factor in your time/labor cost (esp with dark colors) are you really saving that much?I wonder this for GP too...Maybe this is off-topic, though.
FWIW, I misspoke and meant glycerine. Woops.
Try kneading in some glucose, approx. 1/8 tsp at a time, until it is the desired consistency.Full disclosure: I've done this many times with commercial fondant with great success, never tried with homemade fondant.
Since you've already made the molds... perhaps make chocolate tires?
Perhaps you'll get more responses in the cake business forum part of the site?
Spun Sugar is in Berkeley, CA (across the Bay Bridge) - the website doesn't list all of their many cake decorating, baking & candy supplies though. (Tons of chocolate products, too.)You or your bf could phone them to confirm they have what you want. They have the best selection of cake decorating stuff, etc. in the entire bay area. Trust me, it's worth the trip across the bridge! Good luck!-j
These worked great for me. I used a super moist pound cake recipe and baked at 325. No flower nails or heating core. Largest size was 12". Sorry it didn't work out for OP!
U-haul, UPS store, Home depot
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