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I'm having this exact issue, as well! The only difference is my reds will start out printing as true red and after about 30 seconds will turn to fuschia/dark pink. If i try to reprint immediately, it starts printing the reds correctly (?!?!) for about 15 seconds before printing them as fuschia instead. The next print might be only 7 seconds worth of true red. Etc. I've been troubleshooting and am baffled so far. I thought about just changing the print head. (This is with...
 Driks, what city are you in? (I've taken amazing classes from local pros in Berkeley, CA at Spun Sugar.) That's how I've raised my game infinitely. -j
I love that quote, jgifford! I'm gonna remember that. Thank you!Cheers,-j
Such is the case in other art forms as well:They say that "Writing is Rewriting." Where you spend 90% of your time editing/rewriting your original work. Reminds me of fixing & repairing & troubleshooting your cake.
I would consider using spun sugar.Good luck!J
What an interesting idea with the heating pad! (I love how resourceful the mind of a caker can be...)I've never tried what you're describing. If I'm understanding correctly, you are heating a relatively thick roll of fondant (in plastic wrap) with the heat pad wrapped around the entire roll, yes? If this is the case, my concern would be that the outermost "layers" of fondant in the roll could heat/overheat while leaving the innermost "layers" virtually unheated. Also...
It sounds like all of these problems would be avoided by printing the tartan pattern as an edible image(s) and wrapping that around the already-fondanted cake.Easy peasy.As a beginner, I'm assuming you don't have an edible printer, etc. but if you call a local cake supply shop I'm sure they can hook you up. I've read on these boards that even some national, chain, grocery store bakeries will do stuff like this, too.good luck,-j
I have not tried the Flavorganics vanilla extract (I'm pretty hooked on the Nielsen-Massey).I don't rely on the Flavorganics coconut extract alone, either, including actual coconut and coconut milk in the recipe. So crazy yummy and moist, btw.Good luck!-j
What brand of coconut extract did you try and not like?(I love Flavorganics)-j
So sorry about your situation, but glad to see the prevailing advice is to not beat yourself up about someone else's mistake (the son.) You've done nothing but right by the mom, it sounds.As for next year and the "mark your calendar" approach, I would never never have a cake/BC ready without an order in place. (2 weeks notice.) I suppose the plan with that would be to satisfy the son's future-last-minute order? Or to contact the son asking him if he's ready to order a...
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