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Thanks guys  I will have to try these out to see which one I like best.   Thanks again
Have need of a moist red velvet cake recipe. I have tried to one before and  the cake was dry. Anyone have a tried and true moist recipe. One that will also work with larger layers. Thanks in advanced Serena  
When I have a customer who wants and 12 by 18 1/2 and 1/2. I will bake in 2, 9 by 12 inch pans and butt together to make a 12 by 18 inch pan. Left over batter I use to make cupcakes or bake and freeze as another person suggested. I then have cake for cake balls as this is all I use frozen cakes for.]Hope that helps
I use sugarshacks butter cream but substitute some of the shortening for butter. I used 1.5 cups to 3.5 cups of hiratio. Love the taste and I get the smoothness of sugarshacks method.
In some cases you want a flat surface to frost or decorate. When I have done a cupcake, cake I preferred the cupcakes with a more flat top. The most improtant thing to me is the tast. When my cupcakes have a high dome I have cooked them way to fast and they temd to be dry.Just my opion.
This last weekend my buttercream did not crust also. It must have been something in the air this weekend.
I have never had anyone ask for filling in my sheet cakes. I personally would not like to have to torte my 12x18's. If someone asked for fillings I would charge more as this increases my cost.I charge $15.00 for my 1/4 sheets, 1/2 sheet is 30, and a full sheet is 65.00. MY sheet cakes are at least 2 inches high. I do charge more if adding gumpaste figures, excetra on the cakes. I live in a sm rural area that is about 50miles south west of detroit and 35miles north...
While it is a good hand held mixer, I would not trade my stand mixer for anything. I had a sm kitchen aid and about 15 years ago my husband puchased me a larger one.
I have placed cakes in the trunk of my taurus before. Mind you thats all that was in my trunk and I was able to place the back seats down so the air conditioning could
The people in the area I live consider White cake as a wedding cake. Could that be what your client wants?
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