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I found a web designer, and regret it a little. I say if you can do it yourself, then do it. Its so annoying to have to pay every time you want to make a change. Unfortunately we're also relate, so its not like I can fire her or anything.I hear GoDaddy is good, but I know Vista Print also offers web hosting for really cheap.
hmmm. I don't have the pan, but maybe I could bake one reg sized cupcake and then I do have a pan for mini cupcakes, maybe make mini cupcakes for the rest of them? Its not like the rest of the bridesmaids need to take lots of bites with different icings.
yeah, I guess I could, but I always think that the cupcakes just have a different feel to them and I want them to know what they are getting, especially with the filling and how much filling they actually receive.
So I usually do 4" cakes with fillings for my tastings, and thats fine, but tonight, and for quite a few this month, I have cupcake wedding cake tastings.The bride this evening is bringing her maximum for people (4 total).Usually, they just cut up the 4" cake and serve it up. But do I make 4 of each kind of cupcake? I mean, my actual charge of cupcakes for weddings is cheaper, and I limit the flavors unless they want to pay more per cake. In other words, I don't think a...
non skid is key, even with a small cake or one tiered. I tried having a cake on my lap once.... yeah, never again. I used Stress Free Supports in tiered cakes over 2 tiers, and I also don't assemble until I get there for weddings. Both are just personal preferences- SPS works great too, and I know plenty of people who deliver fully assembled with nary a worry.I also never box wedding cakes, just another step that can connect fingers to cake icing.
Amen, girlie. Neatness is key with design, and I love to eat fondant! I also think cakes can look and taste good at the same time.That said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making wonderful, homemade, yummy cakes that just scream "eat me"But, I think the contests are for decorating rather than taste....I mean its not like you can invite us over for a slice of your cake. The contests are meant to inspire and encourage us to be better decorators. By all means, enter...
i sometimes get a little depressed seeing those other cakes because it confirms I need to up my prices ABOVE those places, not at their level. Some of those places get paid on reputation, I get that, but what passes for good work around here just makes me sick. There is no excuse for sloppy work if you're getting paid.
so it wasn't just the icing cracking? The whole cake cracked? I never use room temp cakes to stack. Do you torte?
the only time I ever gave a deposit was when the groom's fists sent the bride to the hospital all black and blue. My hubby worked with her, so he went to see her and everything. I had proof, and I figured it was a reward to her for not marrying the (insert really bad word here).Otherwise, non-refundable is non refundable, as others have said.
don't do the newspaper. Its a waste of money. Website Website Website- sink your moola there and then get the web address in the phonebook when you can. Take your time and design a nice one, like Leahs said, you aren't legit until people can look you over before they call!
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