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this happens to me all the time. I live in a pretty small community, and there are a lot of "seasoned citizens" who actually get downright ornery when you tell them the price. They don't like talking about the money, I think some of them were brought up to think its rude to speak about money. Weird. I have had a couple orders that I realized after we spoke that I never gave them a price. Definitely sweat those out. But those are small orders- $25 or so, not hundreds.This...
Not sure if this is an acceptable question to ask on THIS site about another site, but is anyone a subscriber to Sugaebuzz, and if so, what level and is it worth it?TIA
magic line all the way. what a difference.
thanks everyone! I am still looking for that perfect book, but I think I'll check out the library first. Thanks for the advice on mixing the cakes and measuring. I know it will take a lot of trial and error, but in the end, I'm really going to feel good with the achievement!
Hey there~After discovering and falling in love with a Guinness Stout Cake recipe that is from scratch, I am thinking of making the big switch.I want to do this over the next year or so, since I know how long it takes to really learn the art of scratch baking, but I really would like to do it, and my menu structure really allows me to do whatever I want as long as I do it well. It may even take me longer than a year, but I am really ok with that. I am one of those people...
THANK YOU! thanks so much for posting this! I thought I was going nuts! I couldn't believe I got a renewal notice in the mail the other day, I was like "How can I have to renew it already when I only got 2 issues this year?!" Total rip off. Get your stuff together people.
wow. that is a weird request. like she is going to have time ON HER WEDDING DAY to check up on you? What if she didn't like how things were going? That would cause her undue stress, not to mention the stress you would be under. Um, no. There is obviously a trust issue with this bride, and you could tell her you would be happy to email her a picture of the finished product once it arrives at the venue. Then at least she'll know it arrived in one piece. Sheesh.
i do things a little differently with my menu- I actually offer "base cake flavors" that are buttermilk white, buttermilk chocolate, WASC, Marble and Classic Yellow. Then the customer can choose a mix-in such as oreos, cherries, rasp, strawberry, white chocolate, etc.I guess most people do oreos with white, chocolate or marble base. This weekend I did one white cake with white chocolate and oreo, and then cookies n cream filling. HTH
I offer an oreo cookie cake- I just process them a bit in the food processor, blend them into the batter and go. No need for the cocoa powder unless you want additional flavor. One of my more popular options actually!
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