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glad you had a good experience. Mine was about 13,000, and then we built the house on top of it. I'm in your area and we had a lot of people do things on the side. Best of luck!
update- thanks for all the advice. I made the one big and mini cupcakes for the rest and it went wonderfully, except that they stayed for like 2 hours. Have to cut back on that. Everyone was pleased and you're right, there was no way they were eating that much cake anyway. Indy- it would be a good idea to make them in advance, but each bride chooses her own flavors to sample- from white and chocolate to gourmet. But I am going to bake a bunch of plain ones for backup....
i know theres a lady near me that does cheesecake on the bottom, filling, then cake on top. Always wondered how she does it, but its delicious. Cheesecake and me don't play well together.
PS- I worked at Walmart for 3 years, then another bakery after that. Now I have my own business, and I thank God every day for Walmart! I also got paid more than they pay now. They adjusted payscale since then and now they make like 7.35 or something (which is just nuts) Never been to a Fry's, but if you are serious about decorating- take it. That's just my opinion.
If you were to walk into my bakery with a grocery store on your resume, I would have to look at your work, but all things being equal I would hire you over a home decorator any day. I know you'd be quick and I know you'd understand bottom line. Time is money, and the fact that you would be quicker would be VERY attractive to me.
that said, it is truly a great experience to work at a supermarket bakery, even if for a little while. You can up your skills on their dollar, and that is priceless. It also makes you work up your speed. doing both jobs would probably be ideal- decorators at large stores don't usually get paid the big bucks- just consider getting paid to go to school. You get what you put into it- even grocery store decorators can be awesome if they want to be!
I could, and no, its not that much work, but I have 6 other cupcake tastings this month and I don't want to start a trend- we'd be talking 12 cupcakes for 4 people tonite! Overkill. Charging for tastings for me isn't in my blood, just not my thing.
I found a web designer, and regret it a little. I say if you can do it yourself, then do it. Its so annoying to have to pay every time you want to make a change. Unfortunately we're also relate, so its not like I can fire her or anything.I hear GoDaddy is good, but I know Vista Print also offers web hosting for really cheap.
hmmm. I don't have the pan, but maybe I could bake one reg sized cupcake and then I do have a pan for mini cupcakes, maybe make mini cupcakes for the rest of them? Its not like the rest of the bridesmaids need to take lots of bites with different icings.
yeah, I guess I could, but I always think that the cupcakes just have a different feel to them and I want them to know what they are getting, especially with the filling and how much filling they actually receive.
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