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yeah, I have those kids too. Some of the books say 3 months in advance... I don't like those books...
2012?!!!! you've got be kidding me! Who stays engaged for that long? They must be in school or something. Yikes.
I have had about 6 calls this week about 2011 weddings. I am raising my prices on Jan 1, 2010, so I am telling them they can book the cake, but I will not guarantee pricing until Jan. Is this normal? Are you already booking that far?
Anytime, my dear, enjoy!
yep, I just bought a sheet of it from menard's (home improvement warehouse) for like $10, and cut it up, then I nailed some scrap wood legs onto the four corners, and viola- nor more damage to my cakes from wires! I also don't care if I ruin them, because, hey, I got about 12-16 different sized boards from one sheet!
I use pegboard for cooling racks, and have scraps of granite and corian for rolling flowers and gumpaste, and for coloring icing- I hate washing greasy bowls- its also a nice surface to take when delivering a wedding cake that still needs work.A lot of people I know use big tiles for coloring icing, same principle.
The cake is way cute, but really top-heavy, and it sounds like it was iced in buttercream. That is just screaming disaster all over the place. If it had been fondant, it MIGHT, with a very big emphasis on MIGHT have made it. Have you done this before in the same way?Hot glueing dowels to a 4 inch board (or buying a stress free support system) would really be the only way to make that one arrive in semi-upright position.SO sorry this happened to you- especially since you...
I also use Massa- both Grischuna and White Chocolate. I don't splurge on the Americana, but I'm sure its fabulous. I use SatinIce for easier stuff, but when I have a hard cake (a couple weeks ago I did a sphere wedding cake- in my pics) I go with the Massa. There is just such a difference! Worth every penny, as long as you can get your money back when charging for your wedding cakes. I think I got a sample of it from Epicurious or something, they had like a pound of it...
Thanks- I am going to find out how much she charges for other desserts so I know my ballpark and then price it accordingly so we are both making money! I'm glad I didn't quote her too low!
Yikes! That's kind of rude!This lady does a lot of catering in the area, so she has sent customers my way in the past. Last weekend she actually got to sample the cake, and now wants to serve them. I'm just not sure what to charge her! I do think it would be appropriate to go lower than my decorated price- not much lower, but still..
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