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I have a friend who is wanting me to make a cake for her 2 year old son who loves Thomas, elmo, cars and trucks but she wants me to put as many things as possible on the cake any ideas how i could pull this off for her?
I have found you can buy Hi ratio Shortening at Bulk Barn, Also i am from Canada and found that Indidebi's recipe is great in the warmer months and it cracks a lot in the cooler months So i do not use it in the winter or fall. tried this one and everyone loved it
How do i figure out how much batter to make?? I am doing my first big cake and wonder how do i know how much batter, icing etc. to make. My recipe for my cake makes 2 6 in layers and 2 10 in Rounds. But if my cake will be a 14 in square, 10 in round, 8 in round is there a way to find out how much batter to make or is it a guessing game? I fill my pans 1/2 to 2/3 full.
I am getting really nervous to do this cake, Thanks for the help
How do I change it for a 5.5 quart mixer? I have seen a 5 or a 6 but nothing for 5.5. Any help I tried to scale it down but it did not turn out good so i likely did it wrong. I am not the best at math lol!
I am in the process of making a cake with Garfield jumping out of the cake. I started to make him with RKT. I fought with the fondant to get everything covered with all the odd shapes i had. Then started to put it together and came to the arms. We have a heavy gauge wire for support but when we put them in it keeps falling down. What can i do or how would you make a garfield to jump out of a 10in cake?Any help would be great!
I used Chocolate shavings and they were a pain. I ended up using a plastic zip lock bag over my hand so it would not melt. I would think curls would break but i am still new at this, I would love to hear other tips tooHere is a link to my cake i did.
I am so proud of this cake i did and I added it just before the crash. I am so glad the site is working again though!Also your cake that you posted is amazing!
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