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 I agree with the above poster to put a typical Barbie cake on top of a larger one. Here's the one we do often. I start with a 5"/6"/7" rounds for the skirt since I don't want her to look too hippy. You can make the bottom tier as big as you need.
It looks hand-painted to me. You can blow up the logo to the size you need and then print it out on paper. Use a pin to prick points to give you a guide. I use gel color as paint. It will generally fill in the pin pricks.  Some other people print a mirror image of the logo and then trace with a graphite pencil to give the impression.  Graphite is non-toxic but I don't prefer that approach.
I've pinned a lot of tutorials on my Pinterest board. There are a lot on figurines.
What type of camera does she want? I assumed you were making a DSLR. Most of those are similarly sized.  A cake to serve 30 guests will be larger than life. I go online and get the camera from all angles -- front, back, side and top. Then I blow up the photo to the size I want to make the cake. That makes it very easy to begin carving the cake. Here is a blog post I described the process.
I've made many camera cakes. This is what I start with to make one to serve 30 guests. I bake extra since there will be some waste. I have the sized  templates if you want to email me.   For 30 servings prepare 4 batches of cakes (48 servings). Bake ONE 12x18” and a 5”, 5” and 4” round.  Cut the 12x18” rectangle into FOUR 6”x9” rectangles 
I made a engagement ring box cake and made an isomalt diamond for the ring. The band was gumpaste (allowed several days to dry). I put a white lollipop stick to support the diamond since it was very heavy. You can buy large diamond molds online. Jennifer Dontz has one on her online store. If you don't want to work with isomalt, you could make one from gumpaste and paint it silver.
Thank you Marianna and Rosie!
I have a Blodgett convection oven and did a lot of research on the various types but I don't think there is a huge difference between the different brands. I was afraid to buy a commercial refrigerator due to condensation problems so I just bought regular refrigerators. I have Cake Boss but not robust enough for a business. I only use it to price out my recipe costs which is nice. For a business, you need Quickbooks.
I always give my starting price in my first email to weed out those with a low budget. I also would never sketch a cake unless I'm pretty sure they are interested and then I do so quickly. You must limit the time you invest in inquiries.
On my blog, I posted a tutorial on how I made this 3D camera cake. I hope it helps you!
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