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I had a bad batch of legs once....cracked and chipped.  Other than that....I think they would be a lot easier than dowels or straws. At least you have something to grab.
Ha...I just saw this thing....I think those people are NUTS!  $140 for a rolling pin??  Just say'n !
Happened to me with with Walmart brand powdered sugar.  I blamed that and only use powdered sugar with the word "cane sugar" on the bag.
Not really weird...I had it happen before.  It wasn't Wilton brand though.  It was a while ago...but I believe I tossed it.
I'm such a knuckle through these posts and I was interpreting GSA as GFS.  GFS probably thought I was nuts when I called them!  Thanks.
Can anyone help me with a GFS catalog ID for Fondx? They can't seem to find it.
My nasty foot cake...fungus and all. 
I second brpboxshop and oasissupply.  Also...Sweet Pans Shoppe is close to the Rockford Airport...are you anywhere near there?  Small place....lots to chose from.
I also have a 5-qt and a 6-qt and I second that the 6-qt is really loud!  But I still love it.
Thanks Dani.  I hadn't thought of that.
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